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Pain relief in labour: All you need to know

All women have heard personal stories of the pain of labour, passed on to them by mothers, grandmothers, aunts and friends. Hollywood films - featuring screaming mothers as they are rushed on a trolley into theatre - do nothing to assuage an expectant mom's anxieties.

3 things your partner can do to help during labour

Giving birth is a highly transformative event for both the mother personally and for herself and her partner as a couple. When a couple is really attuned to each other and the partner supports the mother throughout her hard work, it can bring the two new parents together in a very unique way.

Your newborn's first six weeks: Colic, Jaundice and Umbilica

Your beautiful baby is here! Your heart is filled with love for this little creature, who stretches and suckles and adores you. You also realise just how responsible you are for this tiny baby, and how much they depend on you for everything. During the first six weeks, many questions and concerns come up.

Accepting help in the early days of motherhood is okay

Taking care of your newborn is incredibly hard work. Add on top of that taking care of any other children, yourself and your partner and it is more than even superwoman can manage on her own. Accepting help from others can sometimes be challenging, especially for those of us who like to do things on our own.

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