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I am an alum of the University of Minnesota Hubbard School of Journalism. I graduated in May, 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts in professional journalism. I have interned for the Aberdeen American News, the St. Paul Pioneer Press, the Star Tribune and served as an associate editor for the Minnesota Daily. I have reported and edited at the Daily for the past three years. I am interested in writing for a publication that covers local breaking news as well as national news and long-form stories.


Star Tribune

Star Tribune
Maddy and Maize brings flavor to growing popcorn scene

Thai Coconut Curry and Bourbon Barbecue are no longer names associated just with dinner. A Minnesota native is diving into a growing snack industry and chose these flavors - among other unusual combinations - for gourmet popcorn. And large retailers like Target are paying attention.

Star Tribune
Synapse Connexion aims to connect talented Twin Cities residents

Though the Twin Cities are often lauded as among the best places to live, longtime St. Paul resident Steve LeBeau says the community contains untapped potential and unaddressed disparities. Alongside upbeat reports on the cities' quality of life, Minneapolis and St. Paul also have gaps in academic achievement, income and unemployment between whites and people of color.

St. Paul Pioneer Press

Twin Cities
Highland Park fixture lost his shoulder-riding cat. So his friends stepped up

Chuck Nehls is known by Highland Park residents as the man with a bright yellow safety vest who helps kids cross busy intersections during school. He can also be found shoveling, raking, weeding and cleaning up the neighborhood on most days, no matter the season. Nehls also used to be seen around St.

Twin Cities
Art project transforms 4 St. Paul skyway bridges and tells stories of new Americans

Faces of immigrants on partially transparent textiles peer down on St. Paul's downtown sidewalks, turning the glass windows of four skyway bridges into a monumental public art installation. Artist Nancy Ann Coyne and St. Paul City Council member Rebecca Noecker presented the installation, called "Speaking of Home," on Monday afternoon.

Aberdeen American News

Aberdeen American News
11-year-old chalk artist draws to encourage others

Grayce Comes decided she wanted to brighten the lives of her community. How? With daily, colorful chalk drawings of flowers, quotes and song lyrics. (All photos were taken by me. The story is uploaded as a PDF because the Aberdeen American News has a paywall on most of their stories.)

Aberdeen American News
Community cares for boy who was tossed from Sisseton home

Ashley DuMarce threw her son out of the upstairs window of their burning home to her grandfather who was waiting below. Family members say the 26-year-old then went back in to save her daughter, but never came back out. Phoenix, the 6-year-old boy who survived a May 21 house fire in Sisseton, is now being looked after by his uncle, as well as his Roberts County hometown, according to his relatives.

Aberdeen American News
Man running across U.S. speeds through Aberdeen

While most people train for months to run 26.2 miles in one day, Kyle Lang decided to run almost 3,000 miles across the U.S. in three months.Thursday, 20-year-old Lang ran through Aberdeen on U.S. Highway 12 and passed the halfway point of his route.

Minnesota Daily

mndaily.com - The Minnesota Daily
Some students say mental health resources lag at UMN coordinate campuses

Olivia Krenz, a sophomore at the University of Minnesota- Duluth, tries to see the same on-campus mental health counselor every week. Krenz, who struggles with depression and anxiety, has used Duluth's mental health services since her freshman year. She said the stress of classes, loans and past hardships make regular counseling appointments necessary.

mndaily.com - The Minnesota Daily
For girls, new uniform opens gym

Agroup of loud, energetic and sometimes-confused girls ran drills as their coach guided them on how to strongly pass a basketball. Most wore scarves on their heads and took breaks to adjust them, tucking in loose ends. The Cedar Riverside Community Traveling Basketball program started its first season this year under the direction of Jennifer Weber, coach and founder of the program.

mndaily.com - The Minnesota Daily
Study: University of Minnesota linked to 'risky' financial deals

Source: "The Financialization of Higher Education," The Roosevelt Institute Many higher education institutions - including the University of Minnesota - have turned to risky financial deals and increased tuition and fees to compensate for decreased state funding, a recently released report has found.

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