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Lucie Stepney


Location icon United Kingdom

The aim of my writing is to highlight issues around mental health to put into words how I feel and to relate to others.

As I go through my mental health recovery journey myself I am passionate about reaching out and helping others.

Writing has always been my escape from reality.


Blog posts

Brave to be Borderline

I love you. I hate you. Go away. Don't leave me... I struggle with Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder and that's what this post is all about. BPD/EUPD is something that causes a lot of stigma, it's confusing, complex and it changes from person to person.

The Mental Health Crisis Survival Guide

Mental Health Crisis: It's completely different for everyone. Hopefully this will be a more light-hearted and positive post. When I am in crisis I would love for someone to put together a survival kit of everything I might need so I guess this is what this post is: My ideal crisis survival kit!

Reaching out.

You were fine yesterday... It's all in your head.... you really need to force yourself out of bed...... just think of all the people that have it so much worse than you... Sound familiar? This post is all about mental health stigma. It's 2019 should there still be stigma around mental health?

Poetic Words