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Livia Paula

B.S in Journalism | St. John's University | Class of 2016

Location icon United States

Public Relations and Communications Manager - ROUND + SQUARE (Present)
Corporate Communications and Public Relations Intern - LexisNexis Legal & Professional (July 2016 - December 2016)
Online Editorial Intern - Rolling Stone Magazine - Wenner Media (Spring 2016)
Features Editorial Intern - Woman's Day Magazine - Hearst Magazines (Fall 2015)
Features Editor - The Torch - The student newspaper of St. John's University (2015-2016)
President - The Society of Professional Journalists Chapter at St. John's University (2015-2016)

Born in Uberlândia, Brazil - Currently living in New York City

Mermaid on a Mission: Danni Washington's Quest to Save Our Oceans

Nice weather, long weekends and beach days-for many, the month of June is a happy reminder that summer is finally here after months of anticipation. June also carries two important dates to remind us that we need to take better care of our environment and our oceans.

#GirlPower turned into #GirlStarter: Q&A with Tiffany Carvalho!

Meet Tiffany Carvalho, the 23-year-old Girl Starter from Queens. ROUND + SQUARE sat down with the young actress and entrepreneur as she discussed using her #GirlPower attitude to achieve her goals! R+S: What are you working on right now? Tiffany: This is always a fun question. I'm kind of a jack of all trades.

The true beauty behind our cashmere shawls.

Learn more about the "SAVEtheWATER® - Kitotex® project," and see why we chose to produce our iconic cashmere shawls with Canepa! It is no secret that the fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world. The rise of fast fashion has made the impact of the sector even more detrimental, from hazardous chemicals to water waste and pollution.

A message from our founder regarding our new prices.

We knew that 2018 would be ROUND + SQUARE's biggest year. With new products coming in and a new sales strategy underway, we've had to make a lot of changes. As some of you may have noticed, we have recently had to increase the prices of our products.

Organic vs. Non-Organic: Why You Need to Switch to Organic Cotton

The "organic" movement is everywhere-you cannot go into a grocery store without seeing organic advertised on many products. People are investing in organic food, organic beauty products and even organic household products. If organic really is much better for you, why hasn't organic fabric and clothing been added to th

Odley Jean on Black History Month, Equality and Making a Difference

As February comes to an end and we prepare to welcome Women's History Month, we'd like to close off Black History Month highlighting a young actress and activist on a mission to make the world better for women, girls and the youth of our world.

Is your feminist t-shirt making a difference for women and girls?

The feminist movement has been around for decades. In 1920, the 19th amendment granted "American women" the right to vote (in quotation marks of course, because only white women were able to enjoy that right). Unfortunately, it wasn't until much later that women of all colors and backgrounds were included in the grand United States democracy equation.

The Torch
Student threads desire into fashion

The beginning of 2016 was a challenging time for Jerome A. Perry in terms of creativity. After almost a year without designing anything new for his clothing line, he reached out to his family for some inspiration and words of wisdom. He spoke with his grandmother and shared his struggle with his creative block.

The Torch
Family Feud: SJU alumnus Paul 'Gee' Gordon on air

On May 13, 2016, St. John's alum Paul "Gee" Gordon will appear on the famous Family Feud show hosted by Steve Harvey. Last year in May, the Torch sat down with Gordon and got to know more about him and his experience on nailing the audition to participate on Family Feud.

The Torch
An inspiration for moms all around

Seven years ago on Valentine's Day, Shanice Lyons was surprised with a gift that would change her life forever. While the holiday is filled with hearts, gifts and romance, the gift she received was one of a kind - a blessing in disguise that might terrify many young women, men and their families.

The Torch
Being aware of the realities of suicide

The first day of March started off just like any other day. What I thought was the perfect, calm opportunity to take a nap and catch up on some writing suddenly became a vivid nightmare. The cops were aggressively knocking on my next-door neighbor's apartment. At first, I thought it was something else: out of...

The Torch
Grooming and connecting the St. John's community

On March 21, 2016, St. John's University students and staff might have been surprised, and even confused, when they walked through the main doors at the D'Angelo Center and saw a pop-up salon with barbers and beauty professionals providing free haircuts and manicures. Sounds like a dream for all of those college students living on...

The Torch
Remembering an 'Angel'

If you Google the definition of the word "angel," you will stumble upon this phrase: "a person of exemplary conduct of virtue." Another definition characterizes it as "a spiritual being believed to act as an attendant, agent, or messenger of God, conventionally represented in human form with wings and a long robe."

The Torch
Haraya empowers black community and reaches across cultures

Pride, dignity and freedom - that's the meaning behind the Swahili word Haraya. That was also the name that six African-Americans St. John's University students chose in 1968 when they created the organization. These six individuals probably didn't know at that time that 48 years later Haraya would be one of the largest cultural...

The Torch
Outbreak of Zika Virus continues to spread

Latin American and Caribbean countries have been greatly affected by an infection known as the Zika virus, which is being transmitted by the Aedes aegypti mosquito. Millions of people have been infected; and according to ABC News, the virus has made its way into the U.S.

The Torch
Helping veterans battle homelessness

Every year in November, we have a holiday dedicated to the veterans of this country. We honor the soldiers who fought and risked their lives for the United States, regardless of the fact they were leaving their families and lives behind. Throughout the years, we dedicate special holidays to those who fight for the United...

Innocent and sentenced to die

Imagine this: you were incriminated, went through trial and were sentenced for a crime. They told you that you would be executed-all your aspirations in life become pointless. You believe you will spend the rest of your life in jail, and they will prove to you that killing was wrong by taking your life away in horrific ways such as the gas chamber or electric chair.

Stories of Innocents - Juan Melendez Q&A

Juan Melendez: Race* played a big role in my conviction I believe. Being poor played a big role in my conviction. Having an unfair prosecutor** is one of the factors. Having an almost all-white jury played a big role on my conviction. *Melendez did not speak English at all and according to him, no one provided any interpreter.

The Torch
'Hover boards' deemed illegal in New York City

If you're thinking about getting the popular futuristic 'hover boards' as a Christmas gift to someone residing in New York, you might want to start considering a new option. The NYPD 26th Precinct warned about the law on Twitter, but then deleted the tweet since it stated that it was illegal per Code 19-176.2.

Activating the minds of SJU

When St. John's University junior Evi Carrillo was looking for a mental health awareness club or organization to join during her sophomore year, she was disappointed. As the psychology student was digging through the University's OrgSync, where all the campus organizations are listed, she could not find any organization pertaining to her interests.

The Torch
What does it mean to be faithful?

I was walking with a couple of my friends at a house party last semester and one of them caught a guy's attention. "She's hot," he said. Since I was the one closest to him, I said that she had a boyfriend. His response was: "So?"

The Torch
18th annual president's dinner celebrates Vincentian service

Hosted by President Conrado "Bobby" Gempesaw, the event celebrated the service aspect of St. John's. The University said the dinner raised $2.1 million, all of which will go towards scholarships for St. John's students. "This is one of those events from St. John's that differentiates St.

The Torch
Project gives St. John's history a voice

When St. John's University was founded back in 1870, its first campus was located in Brooklyn. Over the past 145 years, St. John's went through various changes such as location, demographics, etc. The Queens campus many people know today was once a golf course, and the idea of expanding the university to Staten Island, or...

The Torch
Pets for Vets: Sigma Puppies raise PTSD awareness

Dogs are universally known to be men's best friends. Dog owners see them as part of their families, and sometimes for many people, dogs might be the only family they have. Service dogs can make someone's life easier as well, as they are the eyes for those who are blind, or they can substitute the...

The Torch
Life, our very own novel

I was looking over some of my old books the other day while cleaning my closet. As I sat down, I experienced flashbacks while reading each story and each ending. I automatically connected some of the books I had read with situations that I know have happened not only to me, but also to others....

The Torch
Caribbean warmth amidst the NY cold

Heading for a night-out in NYC sounds fun and exciting. I mean, let's not forget that there are people from all over the country paying large amounts of money to spend only a few days here. Whether you are a native New Yorker or have lived in the city for a while, you might find...

The Torch
Body image transcends trend

We live in a world where we blame society for everything. Yet, we often forget the obvious: we are part of society and we all have a part in what's trending in the world. An example of this is body image and the entire concept of what's considered beautiful and what is not.

An Experience Like No Other

Sundays during the St. John's basketball season are special for sophomore Brendan Hogan. Before the game he meets with the Johnnies Club, where they provide transportation from school to Manhattan. Post drop-off the Red Storm fans head to Rose's, a pizzeria in Penn Station, where they eat and chant to get ready for the game.

The Immigrant Song

The TORCH had the opportunity to learn and share multiple stories of students coming to the United States from foreign countries. These are the accounts of their stories. Jasiel Martin-Oddom: Ghana Many people talk about the wonders of leaving their comfort zone; they believe that it allows room for growth andto discover aspects of life they never thought they would.

An outlet with the power of anonymity

Imagine you are bored going through your Twitter timeline or your Facebook news feed, and you see your picture or your name pop up on a random St. John's account. You scroll through 'SJU Crushes' and see your name mention. You are now someone's "crush", and others will see that as well.

A taste of Italy just around the corner

Italian food is that type of food that is universally known for its good taste and versatility. At St. John's, a lot of students might want to go out for a nice Italian dinner but have the idea that they would have to go further off campus to do so.

SJU alum the new Mr. Moviefone

In the summer of 2007, Kevin Thompson had an experience that he never thought would change his life. He had just become an orientation leader that summer and was responsible for "Tent Entertainment." When students and parents arrived, they were to set up a large tent for approximately 500 people.

From Red Storm To The White House

When St. John's junior Najaah Daniels was working at the annual White House Easter Egg Roll on Easter Sunday, she met a 10-year-old boy who said he wanted to be a politician when he grows up. She was surprised; while politics and politicians are usually seen with 'bad publicity' around the world.

'It's On Us' here at St. John's

St. John's University aired its own version of the "It's On Us" video campaign against sexual assault on Friday, Oct. 17 during the university basketball teams' Tip-Off. The St. John's version of the campaign features student leaders, athletes and faculty, and it closes with University President Conrado "Bobby" Gempesaw.

SJU to host first Shack-a-Thon event

New York City is the dream destination for many people. When you watch movies that take place in the Big Apple, you usually see someone glamorously walking down fifth Avenue or going for a nice run in Central Park. However, this luxurious lifestyle is far from the reality of many New York City citizens.

Restaurant Review: Sushi galore on Union Turnpike

If you're looking for a nice Japanese place to eat and you don't feel like taking a long trip to do so, Gan Da Sushi is the place to go. Just a couple minute walk from campus you can find this small and cozy Japanese restaurant nestled between buildings.

Education program gives kids a chance

Lucy was a special little girl in a preschool in Jamaica, Queens who caught the eye of Desiree Francis about four years ago. Lucy was one of the many low-income kids that needed extra help to reach her potential. Back then Francis was just a freshman, psychology major at St.

Behind Relay For Life's "Purple Storm"

It is April once again, and the Red Storm has turned purple. Several events and fundraisers happened for various months leading up to this day. As one walked around campus on April 17, they saw St. John's University's students and faculty headed towards Carnesecca arena representing their organizations.

Living out the Vincentian Mission

When Dr. Nancy Colodny visited the orphanage Obras Sociales Hermano Pedro in Guatemala, her attention was immediately caught. She volunteered at the site for the first time with her son in 2008, when she noticed that the place needed more from her than what was she was able to do in a week.

The soundtrack to the D'Angelo Center

People gather in the D'Angelo Center - some of them sitting by the fireplace with their friends, others doing work on their computers or checking their social media sites. That routine is usually accompanied by its own soundtrack. People can be seen grabbing their Starbucks, waiting for class-and some may even be taking a nap.

Intramural sports at SJU all fun and games

Two teams gathered at DaSilva field for a Flag Football game on Tuesday, Nov. 5. It was a cold evening and they were preparing for a playoff game: that alone was enough reason to warm them up. The referees were ready as well as the players - there was a sense of competitiveness in the air.

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