Lisl Rossocha

Senior Content Specialist


I'm a Content Strategist and writer with over 20 years of experience in tech content marketing. My expertise lies in translating complex tech topics into clear narratives, managing content creation and publishing, and monitoring key content metrics. I'm skilled at writing from case studies and blogs to guides/ whitepapers, direct emails, and press releases.

I'm proficient in modern digital marketing, SEO, analytics, and leveraging AI for content creation. Working as a strong team player in global cross-functional marketing teams, but also excel at working independently.

I have a special interest in human behavior, which I have gained through interviewing hundreds of people from all walks of life and across different geographies: the USA, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, Nigeria, and South Africa. I know how to develop and craft content by using the appropriate messaging and images to build ‘trust’ with an audience.


Content assets for DemandGen campaigns

Bizzdesign DemandGen guide
Guide to EA & BPM

A DemandGen guide with CTA an invitation to a webinar on the same topic. The guide created over 5,500 page views six months after launch, and more than 145 leads.

Bizzdesign DemandGen guide
DemandGen guide | Agile EA

A DemandGen guide for prospects using a specific SEO target keyword. The guide created over 5,000 page views and more than 150 leads within six months following the launch of the campaign.

Brand awareness customer success stories

Dimension Data (now NTT)
State Bank of India's digital infrastructure serves a nation

State Bank of India aims to create a digitised environment to improve customer and employee experience. The bank implemented an integrated IP network with nationwide high-speed internal connectivity to power business processes and applications. Customers can now benefit from a ‘digital branch’ and employees access a workplace application which promotes flexible working.

Dimension Data (now NTT)
Jackson School District uses the cloud to enable better learning outcomes

Jackson School District provides technology-enriched programmes to educate and inspire over 9,000 students to become critical thinkers. Jackson's students continue to evolve technologically. When the time came to update the district's communications, they needed a solution that could do the same.

Dimension Data (now NTT)
A solid network infrastructure helps Soi Dog save more animals

Soi Dog Foundation's mission is to improve the welfare of dogs and cats in Asia, resulting in better lives for both the animal and human communities. The organisation wants to create a society without homeless animals and their mission is to ultimately end animal cruelty.

Dimension Data (now NTT)
Keeping families connected at Ronald McDonald House

Ronald McDonald charity built a new 13-storey building to provide temporary housing for families with hospitalised children. The charity wanted families to have the ability to stay in touch with loved ones, as well as with the hospital 24/7. A modern network now enables families to receive and react to news quickly.

Dimension Data (now NTT)
ISPPC makes hospitals more human

ISPPC created a smart hospital using a combination of digital technologies and related services. Doctors, nurses and other caregivers now have seamless access to patient information regardless of location.

Dimension Data (now NTT)
Transforming policing in a digital world

The Tour de Yorkshire is a three-day cycling race in the UK attracting more than two million spectators annually. To co-ordinate policing efforts, GPS-tracking devices were installed in police vehicles linked to a cloud data analytics and tracking platform. Police now have a real-time bird's eye view of the 490 km race and can better co-ordinate police vehicles across multiple police forces.

Ghost-writing Blogs

Dimension Data (now NTT)
Get ready for a digital revolution by knowing what your customers want

Retail customers are driven by immediate gratification - if I buy something now I want it on my doorstep later today or tomorrow at the latest. Instant gratification is a powerful force, and disrupters are geared to feed this demand and use it to take market share from traditional retailers.

Dimension Data (now NTT)
Mind blowing customer experience is possible with IoT

Customers have always made it clear: they want personalised interactions with your organisation. They want you to anticipate their needs before they even know it. So what if you had the ability to foresee their wants and needs? To really provide the ultimate customer experience?

Dimension Data (now NTT)
Get ready: the near future of banking is all-digital currencies

Imagine shopping on the Internet for a new fridge. A couple of minutes into your search, you get a pop-up message from your bank offering credit, as well as arranging delivery of the fridge? Better yet, you get an option to pay in a digital currency.

Dimension Data (now NTT)
Revolutionising game day for sports fans and operators alike

We've all been there. Waiting in a mile-long ticketing queue to enter a stadium while we can hear the crowds roaring with excitement inside. The event has started and we're still stuck outside. There's a new breed of digital sports fan on the horizon and they've changed the game for all of us.

Website Copy

Bizzdesign Integration for ServiceNow

Integrate without effort. Checkout this quick demonstration of the all-new Bizzdesign Integration App for ServiceNow, now in the app store.

Press releases

Bizzdesign acquires Edifit, growing its product suite and consulting services capabilities -...

ENSCHEDE, NETHERLANDS, and BOSTON, UNITED STATES, September 4, 2023 Bizzdesign has announced the acquisition of a majority stake in Edifit, an enterprise architecture software and consulting services provider. This strategic move aims to accelerate time-to-value and increase business impact for Bizzdesign's customers, leveraging Edifit's proven software suite and expert consulting capabilities.

Bizzdesign's AI Center of Excellence brings Generative AI to enterprise architecture - Bizzdesign

Bizzdesign's AI Center of Excellence is currently working on the following soon-to-be-released Generative AI capabilities in Bizzdesign Horizzon: Reference Architecture for Generative AI: To support and guide customers in adopting generative AI at scale in their enterprise, this reference architecture contains a valuable set of principles, guidelines, controls, and capabilities that organizations need to consider, align, and adopt to realize the benefits of generative AI while also managing...

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