Lisa Zimmerman Mott

Writer, editor, strategic communications

Location icon United States of America

In my heart, I’m a storyteller.

In my career, that’s my fuel for being an enthusiastic and creative communications professional.

My passion is crafting messaging that’s memorable and drives results. Whether it’s a feature story or technical content, a brochure, a news story or an executive message, I’ve done it.

But a compelling message is just the tip of the iceberg. I can also develop the strategies, the plans and the deliverables to create comprehensive communications packages.

That means understanding the target audience(s), and how to best reach them. I explore all the touchpoints, and can create and manage the design of the deliverables to make that happen.

For me, it’s a captivating combination of art and science, and I’m equally driven by both.


Employee benefits

Intranet articles: News stories

Executive messages/ghostwriting