Many of my freelance projects have had medical themes. As a ghost blogger & social media manager, I aimed to demystify illness & treatment, preventive care & the experience of going to a pediatrician, often a new experience for parents of the emerging middle class in Kenya. Other topics included neglected tropical diseases as well as more global health concerns: HIV/AIDS, autism, healthy haircare, equitable healthcare access, & community conservation. Here are a few projects that I wrote, edited &/or designed. Photo by Tiphaine via Unsplash.

About Malaria by Muthaiga Pediatrics

Learn how to protect your family against malaria, a serious tropical disease, from this authoritative ebook from a pediatrician practicing in Kenya, East Africa. Learn what causes malaria and how it affects the body. Find out how to prevent most cases of malaria using a two-step method of protection.

Adopting a Child in Kenya

Adoption is an occasion of great joy for families in Kenya, but also a time to assess the medical needs of your new child. Learn about the importance of screening for common and hidden diseases and conditions, both infectious and noninfectious.

Muthaiga Pediatrics
Understanding vaccines: HPV (Gardasil, Cervarix) - Muthaiga Pediatrics

As parents, we face a number of new vaccine options. Because we didn't grow up with these new vaccines or learn about them in school, they are not always well understood. And, since some of the new vaccines often are not part of national immunization schedules, a lot of parents wonder how necessary they are ...

Muthaiga Pediatrics

Muthaiga Pediatrics. 603 likes · 9 talking about this · 239 were here. In our paediatric staff you'll find a balanced mix of local knowledge and international expertise.

Strengthening Health Care Services for Men Who Have Sex with Men in Coastal Kenya
PhD dissertation
The Malformation of Health Care

What would you do if your medication cost $7,861.00 a month? Where would you turn if your insurance company stopped paying your doctor in the middle of your lifesaving treatment? Would it make a difference if you weren't yet thirty years old?One percent of the human population is born with an art...

The Science of Black Hair: A Comprehensive Guide to Textured Hair Care

The Science of Black Hair for Kindle is the ultimate consumer textbook on black hair care. Technically oriented and detailed throughout, this book was written with the serious hair care consumer in mind. Hair science, research and testimony combine in this carefully written text designed to exami...

Natural Connections

Preface Acknowledgments Note to the Reader Chapter 1. The Background to Community-Based Conservation \ David Western and R. Michael Wright -Conservation in History -A Shift in Focus: Community-Based Conservation -Sources PART I. Case Studies Chapter 2. Ecosystem Conservation and Rural Development: The Case of Amboseli \ David Western Chapter 3.

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