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Lisa Fontaine

Technical Writer and Editor

Location icon United States

The best documentation involves much more than putting words on a page. It begins with an analytical approach to people, processes, and products, and results in clear, concise, and easy-to-understand copy. Whether I'm writing for a technical or non-technical audience, I’m passionate about infusing all of these attributes into actionable documentation that helps users of all experience levels do amazing things.


Technical Writing - Developer Docs

Technical Writing - Software Knowledge Base Docs

EHR eLabs Enrollment Guide

Enrollment guide for new customers. My involvement in this piece included design, layout, and copywriting.

Technical Writing - Release Notes

Web Copy

Advertising Copy

Feature Stories

The Journey Home

Frank Sarjanovic reached behind the front seat of his car to grab his blanket and curl up for the night. Turning back around, he was startled to find two smiling faces staring at him. Frank had a sinking feeling that these women would ask him to leave the Walmart parking lot.

Finding a Mission in a Smile

With a 4.0 GPA and mile-long list of activities, honors, and awards, 16-year-old Stephen Tadena appeared to have every reason to be happy. But a heavy class load and schedule made him question why he was working so hard. Stephen had big goals, but without a sense of purpose, they seemed futile.

A Mighty Destiny

Living in a city known for elevated crime, poverty, and gangs, seven-year-old Destiny was no stranger to courage. But bravery took on an entirely different meaning for her as she fought a daily battle with multiple rare illnesses. Because Destiny was unable to attend school until first grade, she was nearly illiterate.

A Place to Belong

From a young age, Nydia's life was overshadowed by loneliness and depression. A childhood marked by the shuffle of divorce, a secret of molestation, and an environment of substance abuse bred profound emotions of sadness, confusion, and anger. More than anything, Nydia wanted a place to belong.

Falling into Place

Miriam Quiambao Roberto's heart sank when she fell on stage during the 1999 Miss Universe pageant. Not believing in giving up, she regained her composure, kept walking, and amazingly was crowned first runner up. That night sparked a series of successes that advanced her to stardom in her home country of the Philippines.

A Project of Miracles

Boxes of love and hope-it was an Easter gift that Saddleback Hong Kong had planned to deliver to the underprivileged in their community. But when a massive fire broke out and threatened to destroy the boxes the night before the distribution ceremony, Pastor Stephen and his congregation feared their efforts might go up in smoke.

Set Straight

Jacob Juno only remembers the feeling of instability when he looks back on his childhood. His parents were both alcoholics. Drugs and alcohol were ever-present. Jacob didn't know how to live his own life any differently. But now after a lifelong struggle with addiction, Jacob's life has been transformed.

Freedom Behind Walls

Chris was a successful business owner who was seduced by a lifestyle of money, drugs, and partying. That fast-lane lifestyle hit a dead end when he landed himself in prison. Deciding he had nothing left to live for, Chris was prepared to commit suicide.

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