Lisa Marie Cooper


United States

A versatile writer with both a technical and marketing background, I've written a huge variety of content for various clients over the years. I excel at breaking down complicated concepts so anyone can understand them and vivid storytelling. My experience ranges from business proposals and press releases to social media and UI text.

My article on the history of anime, written for, is the #1 google result for the topic and Right Stuf's top organic traffic generator. When a Gartner consultant reviewed the first press release I wrote for edge cloud service company Zenlayer, they said "I'd left nothing for them [the consultant] to improve on." I am an expert at mimicking styles and voices to follow company guidelines or ghostwrite interview responses for executives, and my engaging, light-hearted posts celebrating success increased Zenlayer's LinkedIn follower count by over 400% in just eighteen months.

Murach Books - Sample Chapter
R for Data Analysis Chapter 13: How to work with multiple regression models

This chapter is one I re-wrote after the original author had difficulty with it. It explains not just how to use R to create and fit a multiple regression model, but when and how you would use one. Chapter conforms to Murach Books' strict in-house style and is best viewed as two-page spreads.

Zenlayer - Press Release
Zenlayer Takes Lead in India Market for On-Demand Bare Metal Cloud

Zenlayer has further expanded its Bare Metal Cloud services to both Chennai and Delhi. Along with Mumbai, this brings the company's total to three different Indian locations and makes Zenlayer the leading provider of on-demand bare metal servers in India.

Right Stuf Anime - Blog
The History of Anime in the USA: The 1990s

Part one of a three-part series updating and expanding on the history of anime in the US. This was quite a big project (hence being split up into three still very long articles) and involved quite a bit of research to be as near complete as possible, but the resulting resource was absolutely worth it.

Sourcengine - Blog
DRAM Supercycle Over Thanks To External Forces

DRAM prices continue to be sky-high, but supply and demand are evening out and external pressures are being mounted on manufacturers' prices. What does this mean? The shortage and price escalations are (finally) at an end. Shortage - Over! Having lingered for two years now, this has been the longest shortage of DRAM ever.

Sourcengine - Blog
One Size Doesn't Fit All - MLCC Market Trends

Capacitors have never been "one size fits all," and as technology has advanced the market has further diversified and specialized. MLCCs (multi-layer ceramic capacitors), already a specialized product, are no exception. This year we've seen the somewhat unusual phenomenon of a number of major companies in one country, Japan, aggressively focusing on a few very limited segments at the same time.

Right Stuf - Print Catalog
Welcome to Alice Academy

A character quiz and faux welcome letter advertising anime series Gakuen Alice, written in the tone of the show.

Positively Editorial - Blog
How to Demonstrate Understanding in a Proposal

A common item in a Request for Proposal (RFP) is for you to demonstrate your understanding of an element of the RFP. For example, the Soft Rock Café might ask that respondents "Demonstrate your understanding of the material requirements detailed in Section 5."

Positively Editorial - Blog
How to Write a Personal Essay (When You Don't Know What to Write)

It's the part of college applications you dread: writing a personal essay. The prompts are designed to apply to everyone, but bereft of better guidance at school or maybe just suffering from pressure and terrible writer's block, you stare at a blank page and wail "but I don't know what to write!"

Right Stuf Anime - Print Catalog
Preserving the Classics

For our feature article in summer 2013, I wrote a piece promoting our CEO's work in preserving three famous anime classics and the journey involved in getting them on DVD.

Skanska - Brochure
Skanska Leave-Behind Brochure for Disney

This brochure was created in just four days (!) for a meeting with Disney. A team effort, I wrote all of the introduction text and section headers.

Short story
Water Rights

A short story about a young administrative assistant who loves her job - in a Gaelic/Incan South America.

Right Stuf Anime - Print Catalog
20 Years of Right Stuf - Part 2

Just a year and a half after being hired at Right Stuf, I suddenly became the official historian when I was asked to write a two-part history for our anniversary. Lots of interviews and research with primary sources were involved!

Positively Editorial - Blog
Editing is Like Make-Up

No doubt you've heard the lament. Whether in school, the office, or an internet chat, someone is sure to complain that they don't need to edit what they write because you understand their intent anyway. Usually, this happens right after you oh-so-helpfully explain the difference between "affect" and "effect" during an online discussion of last night's thrilling political debate.