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Copywriter and communications professional

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Having started my career in communications as an editorial assistant for a large publishing house some 18 years ago, I have seen the transition from the traditional printed word to the digital landscape, and how to adapt to it.

I now find I'm able to put all my experience of writing, proofing, subbing, PR, social media and marketing for my clients and their brand.

Technology is always changing and improving how we communicate, but the human touch remains just as important.

The GPE vision for Rathbone Square using digital technology

The £215m Great Portland Estates (GPE) redevelopment of Rathbone Square in London's lively West End required an innovative solution for predictability of delivery, all while maintaining the highest quality standards to deliver a building which would last for many decades.

Warboard - an evolution in issue management

The evolution of technology, and particularly for me, the evolution of digital design and construction is developing at a rapid pace, making us more efficient and allowing us to push the boundaries of possibility. It's an exciting time, and I've been lucky enough to have been involved in some remarkable advances - not least, the evolution of Warboard from its first inception five years ago.

BIM - born in the USA

In my previous article, I outlined how Australia is implementing BIM, the level of support BIM gets from government, and what challenges the country is facing, particularly when it comes to skills.

BIM in Europe - a bright future?

For many decades, Europe has grown ever closer through its shared aspirations of peace and economic prosperity. And, while many commentators are still debating the question of a United States of Europe, for us in the world of construction, we are beginning to see a harmonious push and realisation that we can (and indeed have to) develop a world-class digital construction sector together.

Planning & Building Control Today
BIM Today August 2016 is now live! | Planning & Building Control Today

Welcome to the August 2016 edition of BIM Today. Much of this edition is devoted to the ongoing journey of embracing BIM Level 2 with advice and encouragement from our expert contributors, but we are also doing a bit of 'future gazing', stemming from The BIM Level 3 & Beyond | Moving Forward After Level 2 event held earlier in July.

Planning & Building Control Today
Delivering on the BIM mandate | Planning & Building Control Today

In an interview with Lisa Carnwell, Editor of BIM Today, David Philp, industry sector BIM ambassador, discusses the UK's BIM journey and his latest role with the Scottish Futures Trust... Anyone aware of BIM will know who David Philp is, but for any newcomer to the idea of digitising construction and especially BIM, Philp is certainly one of the top influencers and ambassadors for the sector.

Planning & Building Control Today
The imperative open communication standard | Planning & Building Control Today

In an interview with Lisa Carnwell, Editor for PBC Today, David Jellings, Solibri UK Managing Director and board member of buildingSMART UK and Ireland, discusses the pressing need for an open communication standard... buildingSMART has reshaped itself into a business-led organisation and met in June this year for a major meeting in Paris.

Planning & Building Control Today
The future is bright; the future is offsite construction

Andrew Dix, entrepreneur, businessman, aerobatic pilot, and straight-talking Yorkshireman is the new Chairman of Buildoffsite. He takes over the reins from Richard Ogden, who led the organisation for more than 12 years, growing it to its current membership base of more than 100 organisations and establishing it as a credible and industry leading membership-based organisation promoting the use of offsite construction.

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