Lisa Carnwell

Copywriter and communications professional

United Kingdom

Having started my career in communications as an editorial assistant for a large publishing house some 20 years ago, I have seen the transition from the traditional printed word to the digital landscape, and how to adapt to it.

I now find I'm able to put all my experience in writing, proofing, subbing, PR, social media, SEO and marketing for my clients and their brand.

Technology is always changing and improving how we communicate, but the human touch remains just as important.

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The UK's road to zero transport emissions

In July 2021, the Department for Transport set out its commitments and actions to decarbonise the whole transport system in the UK. 'Decarbonising transport: a better, greener Britain' set out an action plan for aviation, renewable fuels, road transport emissions, maritime, the rail network, roads and low emission and electric vehicles (EVs).

Innovation News Network
The demands on Israel's EV charging infrastructure

Against the backdrop of COP26 and the demands for countries to adopt more robust climate action policies, the Israeli Climate Bill aims to reduce climate-warming greenhouse gases by at least 27% by 2030 and by a further 85% by 2050, compared with 2015 levels.

Innovation News Network
Achieving a net zero future for Greater Manchester and beyond

In November 2020, the UK Government announced their Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution, mobilising £12bn of investment to create and support 250,000 'green' jobs. As part of their commitment, the government announced a new hydrogen production target of 5GW by 2030 along with £240m of a total £500m fund earmarked for production facilities.

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The ReLiB project: optimising material management of lithium-ion batteries

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 saw electric vehicle (EV) market growth across Europe, with plug-in vehicles making up 10.5%, compared to only 3% in 2019. This rise equates to more than a million EVs registered, effectively doubling the amount to more than two million now on our roads.

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Graphite and battery research on the road to net zero

The British Carbon Group, part of the Materials Chemistry Division at the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), is one of many member-driven interest groups to benefit RSC members and the wider chemical science community. Professor Magda Titirici, President of the Materials Chemistry Division at the RSC, is also Professor of Sustainable Energy Materials & Research Director in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College.

Bdaily Business News
Inspiring a new generation into construction

Member Article The skills shortage facing the construction industry is all too often a headline news topic, but what is the North East doing to address the problem?

BIM in Europe - a bright future?

For many decades, Europe has grown ever closer through its shared aspirations of peace and economic prosperity. And, while many commentators are still debating the question of a United States of Europe, for us in the world of construction, we are beginning to see a harmonious push and realisation that we can (and indeed have to) develop a world-class digital construction sector together.

Planning & Building Control Today
Delivering on the BIM mandate | Planning & Building Control Today

In an interview with Lisa Carnwell, Editor of BIM Today, David Philp, industry sector BIM ambassador, discusses the UK's BIM journey and his latest role with the Scottish Futures Trust... Anyone aware of BIM will know who David Philp is, but for any newcomer to the idea of digitising construction and especially BIM, Philp is certainly one of the top influencers and ambassadors for the sector.

Planning & Building Control Today
The future is bright; the future is offsite construction

Andrew Dix, entrepreneur, businessman, aerobatic pilot, and straight-talking Yorkshireman is the new Chairman of Buildoffsite. He takes over the reins from Richard Ogden, who led the organisation for more than 12 years, growing it to its current membership base of more than 100 organisations and establishing it as a credible and industry leading membership-based organisation promoting the use of offsite construction.