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I am a freelance writer who's interested in working with clients that have amazing stories to tell.

She waxes about jewelry, her new spa

Guelph Mercury GUELPH - "I thought I should have my nails done for the interview." Corin Comisky smiles as she said it, while sitting at the front of the shop as the manicurist puts the finishing touches on her quickie, in Miami Beet red.

Canadian Running Magazine
Foodie races - Canadian Running Magazine

The stereotype of runners as having tricky stomachs and being picky eaters is being challenged with the bizarre boom in running events with an eating or drinking component.

Getting Married Abroad: Unique Destination Wedding Ideas

By Lisa Bucher on August 07, 2013 Exchanging vows at one of Kyoto's historic shrines, temples or imperial gardens during cherry blossom season could be an experience of lifetime. In Kyoto, the cherry blossom season typically takes place in early April. Legal RequirementsNo residency is required to get married in Japan.


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