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Lindsey Minarchi

Director, Writer, Actor, Producer

Location icon United States of America

I began my journey in the creative field at a very young age. From seeing my first Broadway show at age 4, I was hooked on not only performing and theatre, but just being creative in general. There was something about the mix of story, art performance and costumes that drew me and and wouldn't let me go.From then forward I lived and breathed writing and creativity. I would write my own shows that my cousins and I would perform, I excelled in my schools gifted writing program and even went on to be a part of my high school's literary magazine and place in a state wide acting competition. I decided that I wanted to major in theatre in college, and after some time, and stray paths, eventually landed on Montclair State University.

In college, I excelled greatly in my theatre and writing classes. Consistently earning the praise of my teachers for my creative and open spirit and my dedication to the work. It is there that I directed several student-based scenes of plays, starred in my senior show, and developed and produced my own play that was showcased and workshopped at Montclair in the winter of 2013. My show, Holi-Daze, then went on the be presented at the Manhattan Repertory Theatre, in Manhattan, in the winter of 2015, where I served as not only director, and creator, but producer, designer, and stage manager. Overseeing a cast of 20, that production was the highlight of my career.

Since then, I have been in the development of creating new works and expanding on Holi-Daze. It is my hope I'll be able to find a job that not only works with my love of creation and writing, but allows me to work with a team, and create something spectacular.