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Lindsay Schuster


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I am a recent graduation of Grace College in Winona Lake, Indiana looking for full-time employment or internships that will allow me to pursue my passions. I'm graduating with a BA degree in English with minors in Marketing and Creative Writing. I have self-published two coming-of-age novels and am in the process of writing a third. I have written over 30 short stories, dozens of articles, and have been published twice in Grace College's literary journal Inkspot. I have also had articles published in two magazines, Women's Spectrum and Grace Connect. In addition to this, I have written many articles for The Sounding Board, Grace College's bi-weekly newspaper. While I have written campus-update articles, I primarily specialized in articles about pop culture, writing entertainment news updates, movie reviews, and album reviews. I have completed an internship at Grace Connect/BMH Books in Winona Lake, Indiana, where I created and edited content for the website. I also assisted in editing book manuscripts and the content in the quarterly magazine. 

Refining Design in Building Community

Christians are called by God to support one another, to connect with those in need, and to be a light in a dark world. However, connecting with one another and with those who have not accepted the gospel does not have a one-size-fits-all formula.

The Message Through Music

In all his pain, triumph, tears and joy, David worshipped the Lord in song. In the psalms, he declared, "I will sing of your love and justice; to you, LORD, I will sing praise" (Psalms 101:1). David serves as an example of how communion with God takes many forms. Singing in praise happens to be one of them.

My Best Friend's Closet Provides Fellowship and Meets Needs

With so much need in the world, how does the church even begin to reflect the inclusive and generous nature of God? The women of Auburn Grace in northern California would say that it starts by meeting a need in the local community.

Serving the Lord Where You Are

Finding contentment with certain situations is not an easy task, especially when one has been praying so diligently for what he or she seeks. It's easy to forget that God has a plan and always will have a plan, that He will be on perfect time with His answers.

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