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With over 20 years of content writing and strategic communications experience, I've written for just about every kind of client, in just about every medium.

As an expert writer & freelancer, I deliver copy & content that's catchy yet informative, creative yet impactful. I'll help you express yourself creatively and market yourself effectively with captivating content for websites, print materials and even your social media presence.

Makin' Babies: How I Self-Inseminated and You Can, Too

By Lindsay Welcome to Autostraddle's ongoing series, Makin' Babies, where real queer parents tell you all about how they created their precious little weirdos! While every new life is created in essentially the same way - egg meets sperm, makes baby - every queer conception story is truly unique.

University of Toronto News
Mindfest: ending the stigma around mental health and well-being

As a child, Emily Wright suffered from bullying, a learning disability and sexual assault. By her 20s she was living on the streets with a crack cocaine addiction. The Toronto resident will share her remarkable story of courage and recovery at Mindfest, a free Hart House mental health and wellness fair on Wednesday, October 5.

Six Tips for Managing a Remote Team | MPUG

0010001Working environments have undergone quite a transformation in recent history. One of the most prevalent illustrations of this is the remote or virtual team. Your project sponsor could be in New York City and your business analyst in Tokyo, while you manage the project from Missouri.

How Exactly Does One Become a Project Manager? | MPUG

0031002In our rapidly changing world, organizations must have the agility and ability to respond swiftly to client needs. This comes in the form of working with updated technologies, offering new products, and providing more accessible services. No matter the industry, the project manager is one of the primary change agents implementing these initiatives.

Do's and Don'ts of Project Management Communication | MPUG

0103004The cornerstone of every successful project is effective communication. As a project manager, everything you do is a communicative process. Clear communication about goals, responsibility and expectations, and performance and feedback, as well as project updates to your various stakeholders, is all part of your responsibility.

University of Toronto News
U of T report explores workers' experience in the global gig economy

A report by University of Toronto researchers exploring the rapidly growing gig economy reveals new insights and a deeper understanding of how online platform-mediated work has the potential to transform the future of work and health in Canada and internationally.

Grok Nation
Thoughts on queer invisibility from a single mother

One mom wrestles with her sexual identity in the face of single motherhood Mingling with other parents at the playground after the daily school pick-up, a fellow kindergarten mom begins to make small talk as our kids climb all over the monkey bars.