Linda Briggs-Harty, MFA/Writing

Feature/News Writer/Publicist/Editor

Location icon United States of America

A professional communicator for over 20 years, I have built a reputation in the St. Louis region for creative, quality work and first-rate interviewing skills. My news and feature articles have appeared in a range of publications, including St. Louis/St. Charles Post-Dispatch, Suburban Journals, St. Louis Business Journal, Webster-Kirkwood Times, South County Times, West End Word, The Brentwood Spirit, Maryville Magazine and others.

In addition, I've produced press releases, handled media relations and organized social media outreaches for varied small businesses and non-profit organizations. A copy-editing/copy-writing job at a publishing company early in my career equipped me with solid editorial skills also.

I love people, telling their stories and inspiring others through empathetic, engaging communications. When not writing, I stay active in the outdoors, volunteer for various charities and garden in my front and back yard.

Celebrate the zoo's birthday

Any day in May, the St. Louis Zoo is a magical place. School groups pack the picnic areas, the Penguin & Puffin Coast and the Stingray Exhibit, along with other new and ever-popular attractions.

What's New At The ZOO

The new Sea Lion Sound sits on 1.5 acres where the old sea lion/seals basin had been located since 1918. A 35-foot-long underwater window allows visitors to watch the social sea lions and seals glide through saltwater. photo by Diana Linsley ( click for larger version) Each day, for more than 100 years, the St.

St. Louis Media Hall Of Fame

Their careers spanned years from radio's "Golden Age" during World War II, all the way to the computer age of websites and social media. Four area communicators were inducted Feb. 20 into the St. Louis Media Hall of Fame.

Irish Farmers Travel Route 66 To Benefit Cancer Research

From left, Frank Meara, Maurice Fitzgerald, Kevin Curran and Mark Walsh, all from Ireland, take a break along Watson Road to discuss their travels. photo by Max Bouvatte ( click for larger version) Route 66: The quintessential American road. County Kerry: The western-most outpost of Ireland.

City Of Shrewsbury Turns 100!

( click for larger version) Riding bikes through the old seminary grounds. Stopping in at the drugstore on Murdoch and Shrewsbury for a drink from the soda fountain. Chasing the ice truck down the street and catching chunks thrown out for thirsty kids in the summer.

Sargent picked to implant device for clearer hearing

Hearing aids can be a mixed blessing: The amplified sounds are better than being deaf, but wearers also must deal with background noise, discomfort and other irritants often associated with external devices. A new device, the Vibrant Soundbridge, gives persons with moderate to moderately severe hearing loss improved sound without the irritants.

Vianney students help rebuild New Orleans

Last spring, a group of St. John Vianney High School students were among the first teenagers to enter New Orleans to help clean up the lingering effects of Hurricane Katrina. This year, they were joined by many other St.

Great Forest Park Balloon Race 2012

Every September, they stand out starkly over the skyline of the St. Louis region, drawing "oohs" and "aahs" like a carnival coming to town. Their rainbow shades