Lena Borrelli

Professional Freelance Writer

United States

Lena Borrelli is a freelance financial writer from sunny Tampa Bay who has worked with such leading industry titans as Gronk Fitness, Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo, and Simon Corporation. Her work has most recently been published on sites like TIME, Microsoft News, Bankrate, Fiscal Tiger, The Simple Dollar, ADT, and Home Advisor.

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Office Manager Resume Example & Tips | Fiscal Tiger

The role of a professional office manager is multi-faceted: you're part receptionist, part human resources, and part bookkeeper, plus whatever else your office may require. An office manager does a little bit of everything, helping out across many departments and filling in several different positions as needed.

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Transgender in the Workplace | Transitioning at Work | Fiscal Tiger

Discrimination in the workplace today is more common than you think. Seventy-five percent of transgender individuals report an experience with discrimination at work, and one in four have lost their job altogether. There are an estimated 1.4 million people in the transgender community, yet many companies are unsure of how to approach the topic.

Eastport Dental | Cosmetic & General Dentist In Mesa AZ 85203
Top Rated Cosmetic & General Dentist in Mesa AZ 85203 | Eastport Dental

Quick Service! They got me in right away for both of my appointments, and I am happy with my experience there - my new crown is perfect - I love that it can be made right there in the office, and my new night guard fits just right. Linda B.

Rouge Fine Catering
Top 5 Menu Ideas To Serve At Your Wedding - Rouge Fine Catering

Instead, get guests talking with Rouge's bruschetta bar featuring cinnamon, pears, olive tapenade, and goat cheese. It's a display that will feel right at home amongst the rolling Maryland and Virginia countryside. You would be hard pressed to attend a Maryland wedding without Eastern Shore-style crab cakes, and again Rouge does not disappoint.

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FBAR Filing Requirements | Fiscal Tiger

Technology has made foreign trade much more accessible, closing the gap between nations through a flourishing global economy. Mobile banking has opened doors never before thought possible, empowering the foreign currency exchange market and introducing a new kind of foreign tax credit. All of this also means a rise in foreign financial accounts.

The Best Savings Bonds for 2020 | Interest.com

Savings bonds are an ideal way to invest because they are backed by the United States Treasury and inflation determines the variable interest rate, which means the amount your money earns can grow as the market fluctuates.

Seattle Rental Housing Market Update - Quarter 2, 2019 - Onerent

Housing advertisements abound, offering perks like free rent and parking or generous gift cards in exchange for a standard rental lease. Landlords may be faced with a creative marketing challenge, but it only proves that the Seattle housing market is alive and well as we enter the second quarter.

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Get to Know the Unique Culture and Sites of Austin with Sam's Limousine!

With an area of 810 square kilometers and nearly one million residents, this capital city of Texas is an area rich in history with deep European and Mexican cultural roots. Originally settled in the 1830s, early settlers included mostly German, Swedish, and Mexican transplants, and their strong influence is very much alive and well today in modern-day Austin.

Sam's Limousine | Charter, Shuttle, Coach, & Party Bus Rental Houston
UMLAUF Garden Party - Austin | April 25, 2019 - Sam's Limousine | Charter, Shuttle, Coach, &...

Amidst the twinkling stars of Austin's starry moonlight, the city's trailblazers come out to celebrate visionary Charles Umlauf and to continue his life mission with Austin's best and brightest. Sam's Limousine is honored to be a part of the annual UMLAUF Garden Party , offering safe, reliable, and professional transportation solutions for Austin's finest each and every year.