Lily Jamaludin

Writer & Researcher

Location icon Malaysia

I'm a writer and researcher with particular interests in culture, politics, and social enterprise. I've written about the state of education for undocumented youth in Sabah, Malaysia’s growing halal industry, a social enterprise in Johor that trains youth citizen scientists, comprehensive sex education initiatives, and the rising local animation industry.

I also wrote the copy for the Social Enterprise Handbook published by the Malaysian Centre for Global Innovation and Creativity (MaGIC), and UNESCAP’s Youth Policy Toolbox.

South China Morning Post
'New' Malaysia grapples with old approach to LGBT rights

A government minister's order to remove the portraits of LGBT activists from show during Penang's George Town Festival indicates that ingrained conservative views will not change overnight.

Reuters - Salaam Gateway
A digital Eid: Online increasingly the way to go for Malaysia's advertising ringgits

Hari Raya ads in Malaysia are what Christmas ads are to the British - they're highly-anticipated and enjoyed by the public, and are a reflection of the traditions and shared experiences of a community celebrating the culmination of a month of fasting. For brands, it's a prime opportunity to leave a 'feel-good' mark on audiences.
Empowering Malaysians with Comprehensive Sex Education

In Malaysia, public school students currently receive limited sex education, but these proactive citizens have taken it into their own hands to equip students and the Malaysian public with knowledge about sexual health, contraception, positive body image, healthy relationships, and more.

3D Animation: The Next Generation

In Malaysia, the popularity of local intellectual properties (IPs) like BoBoiBoy and Upin & Ipin signal a new era of Malaysian 3D animation focusing on child-friendly content. Get to know the studios at the forefront of this boom. In 1978, Malaysia's first animated short was completed: Hikayat Sang Kancil, a humble hand-drawn cartoon based on the classic Malay folktale.
Malaysia's Rising Halal Economy

From a religious perspective, Halal is an ethical standard that helps guide Muslims to make decisions based on the rules of the Qur’an and the prophet’s teachings. But in the past few decades, these faith-based needs have created an economy of its own, with companies providing specific products and services to meet a rapidly-growing market.

UNICEF Youth Innovation Challenge Handbook

Could your generation lead change in the Asia Pacific region? If you are a young person aged 24 and under living in Asia, join us and explore the possibilities for you to drive social change and address challenges facing young people and children across the region.

Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre
MaGIC Guide to Social Enterprise in Malaysia

A guidebook to introduce Malaysians to social enterprise, commissioned by the government's Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre

Books on the Move

In Malaysia, several grassroots movements are working hard to improve the local community. Buku Jalanan is one such movement, which has spawned several chapters around the country and even abroad. Why bring people to libraries, when you can bring libraries to people?
Coast Guards

On a typical weekend morning, the young members of Kelab Alami are scattered across Gelang Patah, Johor. Some are knee-deep in the seawater collecting data on mangroves and seagrass. Some are leading tourists through Merambong Island, explaining to visitors the flora and fauna present in the region. Another member may be out on the jetty, selling fish and crabs to customers and ensuring that fishermen get a fair cut of the profits. They are doing work and research for Kelab Alami, an...

Straits Eclectic (Gerakbudaya)
Understanding Return

We are splayed across the earth and stretched past our muscle. We leak through continents and years like watercolours, spreading across Iowa, Bucharest, Bangkok, and Penang. We learn languages halfway and meet other gods in the distance and it is difficult, in the midst of all this movement, not to feel that we have lost something of ourselves

Exhibition Opening
Hana Zamri's Body of Exile

In Hana’s body of work, viewers are thrown into what is often a disorienting desert landscape. We enter a world that is at times a dark void, and at others an inescapable horizon. We meet figures in the middle of their journey in a dreamscape, a limbo between paradise and hellfire. As viewers, we join these subjects in looking for a way out—only to realise that is hardly the point at all.

Center for Law and Social Policy
LGBT Workers Forced to Play By Different Rules; Poverty Rates High

LGBT rights in the United States have seen increased progress in the past several years. Twelve states have legalized same-sex marriage, the "don't ask, don't tell" policy has been repealed, and a legal challenge to the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is currently before the Supreme Court. Yet, many structural inequalities remain.

The Scarlet and Black
Gandhi's Grandson Preaches Peace

"At an essential level, we are all the same underneath, whatever our religion may be, whatever our race may be, whatever our nationality may be, we have the same desires in ourselves, we have an idea of what is right and what is wrong, and most of us sometimes are prejudiced, but we can look at our biases and prejudices and look beyond those. So reflection about oneself and a real study and understanding of the world outside, these are two important pieces of equipment that any peacemaker...