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Liberty Stembridge

Freelance Content Writer

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Oda & King: Hyperrealistic Paintings by Artist Duo *

The stars of the social media realm were aligned when Corey 'Oda' Popp (born December 24th, 1984) and Kit King (born November 29th, 1987) 'met' on Instagram. Both were already budding artists in their own right, with very similar aesthetics and focus on realism.
Marina Dunbar: Mindfulness In Transparent Motion *

This reflects in her beautiful work, and the process she uses to make it. Her studio is large, bright, and airy, giving her plenty of room to move around and toy with the painting, manipulating it not just with a brush, but also manually - with her hands.
Chrissy Angliker: Beauty and Detail of Abstract Acrylics *

Chrissy Angliker is a Swiss/American artist, living in Brooklyn whose prominence in the realms of fine art is growing by the day. She moved away from the country she grew up in, Switzerland, to Boston at the tender age of 16, to pursue her dreams of becoming an artist.