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Libby Webster

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Available for writing projects, band bios, freelance marketing + social media strategy, publicity, and whatever else.


Dead Oceans
Bright Eyes, 2020 refresher - artist bio

Sometimes it feels like you hear a Bright Eyes song with your whole body. From Conor Oberst's early recordings in an Omaha basement in 1995 all the way up to 2020, Bright Eyes' music tries to unravel the impossible tangles of dissent: personal and political, external and internal.

Secretly Canadian
Faye Webster, 'Atlanta Millionaires Club' LP bio

'Atlanta Millionaires Club' is in Faye Webster's feelings, and that's the way she likes it. The new record from the 21-year-old Atlanta-native opens with a sighing, unflinchingly honest admission that, in Webster's hands, almost sounds breezy: "Looks like I've been crying again, over the same thing."

Secretly Canadian
Goshen Electric Co., "The Gray Tower" b/w "Ring the Bell" 7-in. Bio

Goshen Electric Co. happened both all at once and gradually: an electrifying culmination of Tim Showalter's nearly two decades-long love affair with Jason Molina's craft, and just one half-day spent in the recording studio with the members of Magnolia Electric Co.

Julie Doiron, 'Désormais' + 'Heart and Crime' Reissue LP Bio

The devastation in Julie Doiron's work creeps in unexpectedly. Both 'Désormais' and 'Heart and Crime' swell slowly - like the first inklings of a Polaroid developing, the unfurling tangle of smoke from a just-extinguished candle, or the way a sky patiently burns red before slipping into nighttime. Equal parts unassuming and moving, these early solo records from Doiron simmer with an emotional reckoning.

Angel Olsen, 'Phases' LP Bio

How do you best describe Angel Olsen? From the lo-fi, sparse folk-melancholy of her 2010 EP, 'Strange Cacti,' to the electrified, polished rock 'n' roll bursting from 2016's beloved and acclaimed 'My Woman,' Olsen has refused to succumb to a single genre, expectation, or vision. Impossible to pin down, Olsen navigates the world with her remarkable, symphonic voice and a propensity for narrative, her music growing into whatever shape best fits to tell the story.

The Austin Chronicle
Aldous Harding's Enormous Voice

Aldous Harding doesn't seem of this world. She took to Mohawk's inside stage a little after 11pm Monday dressed entirely in white - from her sneakers to the way her eyes rolled in the back of her head.

Album Review: Cupid McCoy ~ "Major Crush"

The origin story for Cupid McCoy's music bloomed in a small town in France after a year spent living there - the dreaminess of place seeping into 2016's EP, Bourg-de-Visa. Since then, Richmond, Va.'s Cupid McCoy went on to release a proper full-length, titled Major [...]

The Austin Chronicle
Molly Burch Mixes Heartbroken Narratives and Fifties Pop

Sprawled sky creeping toward the rosy hues of dusk, an unseasonably warm winter afternoon begins wrapping on Manor Road. Molly Burch reminisces about her move from North Carolina to Texas in 2013, executed on a whim as the result of a post-collegiate identity crisis.

The Austin Chronicle
My Father's House: A Moment With Bruce Springsteen

Winding from the entrance around the back of the building and down Sixth Street, the line at BookPeople on Thursday bustled with hundreds of people waiting to get a picture taken with Bruce Springsteen. The event, supporting his memoir Born to Run, allegedly sold out 1,200 tickets in one minute.

The Austin Chronicle
Children of Reverberation: Holy Wave

"Nothing fuels a man like a grudge," says Ryan Fuson, recounting how fellow Holy Wave member Kyle Hager kicked him out of a band when they were teenagers in El Paso. Fuson couldn't tune a guitar. He was just in it for the image. "Dude, after that you got so good at music!"

She Shreds Magazine
An Interview with Tancred

In 2011, after years as a guitarist in Minneapolis indie rock band Now, Now, Jess Abbott began to miss writing songs entirely on her own. She began Tancred as a lo-fi/acoustic recording project, but with Now, Now between albums, it has bloomed into a full-time endeavor, and has grown into a a bigger sound, too.

The Austin Chronicle
Levitation Interview: Courtney Barnett

Recently, back at her parents' house in Australia, Courtney Barnett stumbled upon a historic relic: a demo CD from when she first started performing music. Noting the aural revisit as "cringe-worthy, but also nice," the singer can't pin down the specific moment of courage a decade ago that pushed the shy 18-year-old to perform onstage after years of writing songs for herself.

The Austin Chronicle
The Liberation of Thao Nguyen

Thao Nguyen's work with the Get Down Stay Down has zig-zagged inward to outré, some of it dealing with heartbreak, some of it revolving around the singer's volunteering with women inmates. Fifth LP A Man Alive grapples with the pain of an absent father via off-kilter, electrified funk in a tour de force of beats, bass, and groove.