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Lianne Martha Laroya

Financial Advisor. Expert Copywriter. Web Content Specialist.

Location icon Philippines

Looking for valuable content that connects with your customers?

Searching for topnotch record that relates to your readers?

How about premium text that talks to your target?

You're in the right place, my friend! Let me help you.

Content is king. It helps you persuade, capture and engage. Therefore, hire someone who can provide you with the best content there is.

My dear friend, look no more. With real-life experience in business, health, lifestyle and self development, I can be able to deliver the right work to the right audience at the right time.

I've had extensive experience writing press releases, newsletters, e-books, blog posts, articles, sales pitches and more.

Hi there! I'm Lianne and I'm committed to providing compelling content to start-up companies that want to connect with their target customers.

I offer business blogging, copywriting, ghostwriting, proofreading & web content writing services.

View samples of my works here, and if you like what you see, go ahead and talk to me via:

- Email: [email protected]
- Twitter: @MsLianneLaroya

10 money-saving tips to cut down your food costs (Part 1)

by Lianne Laroya I love food. And food loves me too. (Sometimes, when I look at myself in the mirror, I can't help thinking that maybe food loves me too much.) As much as I love food, though, I always have an issue with it when it comes to purchasing it.


Personal Finance

5 things lovers and investments have in common

MANILA, Philippines - Love and money are fundamentally the same, in my opinion: most people talk about them all the time, most people drink seemingly endless amounts of alcohol and eat monstrous servings of ice cream just to forget them, and most people have either love problems or money problems on their minds.

Brighter Life Philippines
5 Old-Fashioned Money Beliefs (That You Should Toss Out the Window)

Our culture dictates that we follow what our elders say and this is why through the years, certain beliefs and traditions have managed to survive. Adhering to what the elders say, we believe, is a sign of respect; at the same time, we trust that they have our best interests in mind.

5 'money lies' you should stop telling yourself by age 30

MANILA, Philippines - Your 20s are going to be guided by your thoughts and, subsequently, your emotions and your actions. Sometimes, though, in an attempt to protect yourself, you lie and try to fool yourself even though you know better: "I'm not that fat yet. Why should I exercise?
5 Financial Tips for Filipino Freelancers

Having no income is bad. Not caring for your regular income is worse. But recklessly spending and not even projecting a spending plan for your irregular income? It’s the worst.

Self Development

5 reasons to stop being a people pleaser

MANILA, Philippines - I'm willing to bet that you know at least one person in your inner circle of friends who is a true-blue people-pleaser. What do I mean by this? Here are some examples: She may be your smart cousin who offers to do your book report (and your thesis paper and even your taxes) just so you'd sing praises about her.

5 Things Optimists Do Differently

Optimists are known to be healthier, happier and more successful people than their negative counterparts. The basic reason for this is that their emotions help them to think positively, and they have more encouragement and motivation to move forward and deal with their daily struggles.

Filipino Food Galore at Electrolux Discover-E Food Festival

When In Manila and you’re in the lookout for amazing events centered on food and everything that comes along with it, going to one of those talked-about Food Festivals can really get you in the mood for some tummy loving.

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