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Are heavy women getting better TV roles?

Somebody give Anna Nicole Smith another Twinkie. Hell, give her the whole box. Not only has the voluminous sexpot's car wreck of a series been renewed for a second season, but her hour-glass-and-a-half figure seems to be encouraging other leading ladies.

Do you have to be crazy to be a reality TV star?

The suicide of " Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" husband Russell Armstrong has spurred a lot of talk about the nature of reality television, with one L.A. Times journalist suggesting "at this point, the willingness to appear on a situational reality show should be classified as a symptom of emotional instability, if not a mental illness in itself."

'True Tori': Was the whole series fake or more real than intended?

In " True Tori," Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott allegedly tried to do something different -- a reality television show about their marriage that stripped away the celebrity veneer and explored the gritty aftermath of McDermott's adulterous affair while filming the first season of "Chopped Canada" in Toronto.

Television Academy
Double Take

"Someone said to me once, 'Who would you ,most like to play?' And I said, 'Hillary Clinton, because I find her absolutely fascinating.'" Otto, with typical Australian humility, is quick to clarify she doesn't necessarily see herself getting that call.

Ask A Resurrected Sontaran Commander With Homicidal Impulses - Doctor Who - Previously.TV

Q Dear Resurrected Sontaran Commander with Homicidal Impulses, I really hope you can help me! Last week my boyfriend of eight months dumped me with no explanation. Worse yet, he did it via text! Can you believe it? I really thought he was the one, or would be once he stopped drinking so much and had his neck tattoos lasered off.

Television Academy
A Man in Fuller

After completing a season of Grandfathered - the Fox sitcom he both starred in and executive-produced - and guiding the long-gestating Fuller House into being on Netflix, he didn't sit still. Instead, he hit the road to play drums with the Beach Boys - something he's done off and on since 1985.


Breaking Down B-12: Who’s at Risk? - Modern Wellness Guide
Breaking Down B-12: Who's at Risk?

B-12 deficiency isn't just serious; it's more common than people realize. An estimated 48 million adults may be at risk for B-12 deficiency, while 2 in 5 Americans over the age of 60 may have some degree of B-12 deficiency.

Cushing's Disease: One Woman's Battle for Diagnosis - Future of Personal Health
Cushing's Disease: One Woman's Battle for Diagnosis

Cluster migraines. Extreme weight gain. High blood pressure. Rachel Wilson's many symptoms were troubling, but shrugged off by her primary physician. It was only when her ob/gyn recommended Wilson see an endocrinologist that she got an accurate but heartrending diagnosis: Cushing's Disease.

Learning to Stand Tall: Overcoming Leukemia at Age 2 - Future of Personal Health
Learning to Stand Tall: Overcoming Leukemia at Age 2

Addie, Charles Esten's then two-and-a-half-year-old daughter, hadn't seemed herself after the removal of a small growth on her leg. Charles and his wife Patty were determined to find out why. "She was pale, grumpy, and these little black spots emerged on her legs, which we would later find out were peticiae, or tiny little spots of bleeding on the skin caused by little or no platelets," Esten recalls.

Bringing Personalized Care to Those Who Need It Most - Future of Business and Tech
Bringing Personalized Care to Those Who Need It Most

Population health management proposes a surprising (and surprisingly affordable) solution to rising health care costs-personalized and value-based care solutions that cost less, not more, than existing care options. Initially, the idea of offering more care for less money wasn't an obvious solution to self-insured employers, government agencies and other organizations.

Why Dr. Drew needs an intervention for 'Dr. Drew's Lifechangers'

I've always been a loyal supporter of Dr. Drew Pinsky. Even when I had qualms about his methods (the seemingly endless talking head interviews every time LiLo melted down, for example), I felt his heart was in the right place. He wanted to help people.


Along for the ride

Seeing the sparkling white Catalina Express catamaran waiting at the dock, it's hard not to hustle as quickly as decorum allows to take your place in the boarding queue. It's not so much about hurrying up to get to Catalina, a sleepy island with a seemingly easy-to-exhaust list of exciting activities.



Intro from Jay Allison: Before Valentine's Day gets too far behind us and our attention turns more to war and away from love, listen to this sweet handmade remembrance from first-time producer Liane Bonin.