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Liam Scanlon

Writer and Marketing Assistant, Supercity Aparthotels

Location icon United Kingdom

Over the span of my varied and broad-minded educational and employment history - living in Canada, Japan, Paris and now London - writing has always been my passion. In using language to engage mine and other people's passions, I've been a journalist, a travel blogger and interning writer, and an educator. Since moving to London I've been particularly interested in the way advertising does this, and after my exciting 8 months at Supercity I am looking for the chance to work in a dynamic agency, where I'd grapple with multiple tones of voice, style, and audience.

I am at heart a storyteller, and the main way I've fostered this side of my personality is through my personal fiction. I've been writing passionately since I was 13, when I started my first book - since then I've had a lot of trials and tribulations as I've scraped my knees and learned so much about the craft, but now am getting a novel ready for agency eyes. The novel, about a fictional student rebellion and the society they attempt to create on their university, is the fourth novel I've written, but the first I've believed in enough to see through to its final, third draft stages. I'm very excited to see where it goes.

Supercity Aparthotels
Liz Devaney | Supercity Aparthotels

Liz Devaney sees aparthotel sales as something a bit like gambling. "If you play blackjack and you get a 16 you might twist, but then you get an 18, you're getting to the wire now." For Aparthotels, it goes beyond the typical always-sell mentality that defines most hotels: it means balancing short term with longer-term business travellers.

Story Unheard
Sample Travel Pieces for the Rome Guide

The above PDF is a short example of the writing I've done for Story Unheard, a travel writing agency that crafts boutique guides for people seeking local travel experiences.

Supercity Aparthotels
Manchester Industrial History Walk | Supercity Aparthotels

In the late 18 th Century, a then-small town known as Manchester started using steam-powered machines to speed up the rate of its cotton production. Thanks to a variety of factors-from its existing textile production, its proximity to the coast, the high levels of coal and scientific advancements-it became the first industrial city.

Liam Scanlon
Cambodia's Darkness: Locking Into Phnom Penh

In Kratie, my first town in Cambodia, the idyll sidles up against the downtrodden. The muddy Mekong the town follows along is both the last refuge to irrawaddy dolphins and growing dams of garbage. The central town has a number of mansions from the French colonial era; move a few blocks away, most of the other...