Leslie Jernegan


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I am a born storyteller – ambitious, creative, and reflective – with a passion for discovering the most impactful way to cultivate life from words. With my history of engaging in a diverse array of work environments in various states and countries, and taking part in the publishing field as an editorial intern, freelance writer, and communications specialist, I have had invaluable experiences to work with and blend my two greatest loves: the written word, and people.

Chauette & Home - Brava

After launching Chauette as a women's clothing boutique in the Paoli Schoolhouse, Susan Bakke moved the shop to Middleton's charming downtown. Now, four fruitful years later, she's expanded her retail focus-and space-and partnered with daughter Samantha Annen to open Chauette Home.

Graduate School
UW-Madison Graduate Alumni Making An Impact - Graduate School

Our graduates are entrepreneurs and business leaders, take roles in public service or nonprofit organizations, are leaders in their communities, and are successful faculty members. Graduate alumni leave UW-Madison equipped to write, teach, manage projects, collect and analyze data, collaborate and lead.

Graduate School
Evan Sengbusch - Graduate School

Taking two years in the middle of his Ph.D. to do his MBA, Sengbusch had the assignment of finding and helping a local businessperson. This led to Mackie introducing Sengbusch to Dr. Gregory Piefer, Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering from UW and founder of Phoenix Nuclear Labs, a local company that specializes in neutron generator technology.

Graduate School
Tom Kuplic - Graduate School

Now a brand strategist with his own business in Madison, Kuplic has found utility for his research outside of academia, blending his studies with his work experience to help companies connect their brand stories to people through social media, email and digital marketing.

Graduate School
Jodi Samuels - Graduate School

"If you're not able to know for yourself other things you can pursue, or other things that can give you passion and happiness outside of your work, I think you're giving yourself a short trip," Samuels says.

Graduate School
Idella Yamben - Graduate School

Although she's not using her Ph.D. for lab work, Yamben says "it gives you a set of tools that apply in a variety of different circumstances - that research ability crosses all different types of industries."

Graduate School
Gordon Shaw - Graduate School

Desiring career advancement and the ability to discuss research outside of a protected, customer-focused workspace, Shaw switched his attention to UW-Madison, where he pursued his Ph.D. in Chemistry. There, Shaw preferred to focus on his research rather than worry too much about his post-graduate career opportunities.

Graduate School
Tina Nielsen - Graduate School

With a personal and professional resume of titles such as student, teacher, geoscientist, college faculty member, mother and wife, Tina Nielsen has a history of juggling multiple responsibilities, and, consequently, fostering a multitude of talents. Now in her latest venture as the associate director of Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center in Madison, Nielsen has arrived full-circle from her original undergraduate pursuits.

Graduate School
Kevin Mullen - Graduate School

After a transformative study abroad experience during his undergraduate studies at the University of Michigan, Mullen decided to further explore living overseas and moved to Bulgaria to teach English. Returning a year later to live and work in Chicago made him decide to move back abroad, eventually teaching in Istanbul, Southeastern Turkey, and Japan.

Graduate School
John Considine - Graduate School

As advice for any student, Considine, for one, stresses the importance of gaining hands-on experience. As an undergraduate who enjoyed studying engineering, but who feared the possibility of not enjoying it in practice, Considine reaffirmed his passion for the field by participating in building equipment for professors, and by participating in research with a Ph.D.

Graduate School
Liz Percak-Dennett - Graduate School

Realizing her fascination in astrobiology, Percak-Dennett moved from Alaska to Madison for six of some of the best years of her life, filled with "the highest highs and the lowest lows." Percak-Dennett's grad school dilemma: being captivated by too many interests, and feeling the sensation of "imposter syndrome" in regards to her place in her program.

Graduate School
Mark Staudt - Graduate School

After finishing his undergraduate career at the University of Texas, Staudt worked as a chemical engineer before pursuing his Ph.D. in Biomolecular Chemistry at UW-Madison. When in the midst of his studies he realized that a career in academia wasn't suitable for him, Staudt decided to explore his post-graduate options.

Graduate School
Timothy Oleson - Graduate School

Oleson later came across a term that struck him - geochemistry - and took a summer class in which he became interested in the field of geology. There, his teacher, who had recently finished studying geology in graduate school, encouraged Oleson to do the same.