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Leslie Hueholt

Content writer, editor and project manager

Location icon United States of America

Leslie works quickly and effectively to convey the right message

and achieve measurable results. She knows how to appeal to

different audiences - from employees perusing a company

newsletter to consumers following social media sites.

See samples of her work below.

TI Think. Innovate Blog
Bionic arms turn kids without limbs into superheroes

For kids who dream of being a superhero or heroine, receiving a bionic prosthetic arm that looks like something out of Iron Man or Captain America might be the highlight of their young lives. . "Now he's probably the most confident 8-year old you could imagine.

TI Think. Innovate Blog
One to Watch: Self-taught engineer is wired to build

You might say TIer Michael Erdahl is a born builder. At age 5, he started to experiment with Radio Shack Science Fair kits that his grandmother had picked up for him at garage sales.

TI Think. Innovate Blog
One to Watch: Tracy Hamilton - an engineer at heart

Growing up in Alexandria, La., Tracy Hamilton was a standout student who enjoyed science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and experimenting in a chemistry lab.

TI Think. Innovate Blog
Getting our geek on worldwide

Deep down, all of us TIers have a little geek inside of us just anticipating our next great innovation. Whether we're tinkering with TI devices to see what we can create or checking out others' creations, we find #DIYwithTI projects captivating and fun.

TI Think. Innovate Blog
DIY dad finds solution for sleep-deprivation

With three young daughters at home, DIYer Dan Otell needed to find a way to keep his early birds in bed until it was time for them to rise and shine. So, Dan created a training alarm clock that would appeal to the senses of toddlers.

Infolink (TI employee website)
CEO Open Exchange

TI CEO Rich Templeton chats with employees about the company's strong portfolio and growth in the businesses.

Women's Foodservice Forum Blog
Gordon Food: A model for engagement

Over the past five years, Gordon Food Service has been on a transformative journey to attract, retain and develop women at all levels of the organization.

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