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Leo Rydel is an outgoing individual who obsesses over the latest movies, music, comic books, video games and TV shows. Besides attending the latest movie premiere, Leo is a professional writer and social media guru with years of experience in the entertainment industry. Leo has written for CU Sentry, Ranker, Blasting News, Bingeout, and other blogs and websites.


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Geekvibes Nation
Top Ten- Best Disney/Pixar Movies

Geekvibes Radio is where we geek out about movies, comics, and geek related news. On out Top Tens show, we debate the Top Ten best of any topic, this time it's Disney/Pixar Movies!

DBLJump Ep 5 | Infinity War Updates, New VR Headsets, and The Uber Accident

Welcome to DBLjump! An all new pop culture talk show from Daily Blast LIVE! Tonight we talk about: -Avengers Infinity War breaks presale records -Silver Surfer casting leaks -New VR headsets from both Oculus and HTC Vive -A self driving car from Uber killed a pedestrian -And an interview with Jamie Price, VFX Supervisor of DOWNSIZING

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Weekly Web show Host for ComiConvos, a Facebook Live conversation of the latest in Geeky Entertainment.

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Leo Rydel - The Friendly Neighborhood Blerd (black+nerd)

Leo Rydel is the Friendly Neighborhood Blerd, a media personality with vivacious energy across his professional writing, video, and social media ventures. His publication, theblerdblog.com opens March 15th.


The OA: An Intellectual Fantasy-Thriller From Netflix

Netflix has released a fantastic original lineup of TV series recently. Stranger Things, Luke Cage, and now we've got The OA, an intellectual fantasy-thriller with the right amount of mystery and curiosity. The OA focuses on the story of Prairie Johnson (Brit Marling), or what happened to her before she referred to herself as "The ...

Movie Review: Assassin's Creed Is Aesthetically Tasteful but Otherwise Bland - SEV NETWORK

Assassin's Creed hit theaters today. I accompanied a friend to the film Tuesday night. Assassin's Creed was like grandma's Christmas cookies: they're appetizing to start with but bland after a while. The Assassin's Creed film features the popular Assassin's universe with an original storyline. Michael Fassbender told ComingSoon "We really want to respect the games...

Movie Review: Doctor Strange Is Visually Stunning But Is It Another MCU Copy Paste?

Warning: Spoilers ahead. If you haven't seen Doctor Strange, I strongly recommend reading this afterward. Doctor Strange hit theaters this weekend and stunned us with its dazzling visuals and remarkable musical score. This is Marvel's debut into the realm of sorcery and the multiverse, but Doctor Strange could've easily been something not related to the Avengers.


Five Must-See Trailers For 2017 - SEV NETWORK

This year blew us away with movies like Deadpool, Captain America: Civil War, and Doctor Strange. A week ago we saw the jaw-dropping official Wonder Woman trailer and while it was nothing short of remarkable, we can't forget the others.

12 Times When Superman Completely Lost His Sh*t

Bird, plane, Superman, Clark Kent, the Man of Steel, Kal-El, whatever people choose to call him Superman has always been known as a boy scout - hell, some even call him the Big Blue Boy Scout. His character believes in doing the right thing and stands for all things righteous.

5 Must Know Netflix Hacks

Have you thought of ways to make streaming Netflix better? Maybe you don't know how. In the days where movies are available at the snap of a finger, it's important to know tips and tricks that will enhance your experience. Here are 5 Must Know Netflix Hacks: 1.


Blasting News
New 'King Arthur' trailer shows Game of Thrones style swashbuckling action

King Arthur is an ancient legend that's been retold millions of times. King Arthur is the man who pulled the legendary Excalibur from a stone-a feat that no one could achieve. The accomplishment was so great that, in most renditions, Arthur becomes the King of Britain.

What We Know About Netflix's 'The Defenders' So Far

Warning: Light spoilers ahead if you haven't finished the Marvel Netflix lineup. Avengers, assemble? Not this time. There's a new squad in town, but they're not as "chipper," as the Avengers. Enter Netflix's The Defenders, a new lineup of Marvel's "outsider" based super-team. The Defenders is a Marvel show we've all been waiting for and ...

Blasting News
'Spider-Man: Homecoming' gives Spidey a new gadget

News about "#Spider-Man: Homecoming" has swung across the web. With the arrival of Donald Glover on the list and controversy of who Zendaya will play, we finally step away from the casting to get a peek into Spider-Man's gadgets. Web wings were revealed to be a part of Spider-Man's suit in the upcoming film.


RockHome Lessons
How Bass Guitar Made Me A Better Musician

So there's something I've wanted to talk about for a long time and that's how bass guitar has made me a better musician. Some people have gotten into the habit of paying close attention to the guitar, vocals, drums and sometimes piano over a very important instrument such as this!

MileHI Music
Birch Street: Mud (Song Review) | MileHI Music

"Rock and Roll with a little bit of Country Soul!" This is what Denver local band, Birch Street, labels themselves. This is a perfect description for these country rockers. "Mud" is a song off of their 'Self-titled' album: Birch Street.

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