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Leopold Obi

Investigative ScienceJournalist

Location icon Kenya

Science journalist covering environmental crimes,climate change & conservation,agriculture & food security,innovation & technology, marine & blue economyand energy among other human interest stories in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Daily Nation
Meet man who will not rest until he sees farmers growing 101

Friday May 26 2017 Traditional crops are easily adaptable and very nutritious, the only problem is that farmers cannot get high-yielding and quality seeds of these varieties of the crops. Scientists will send their materials in the lab and in the next three days they will have their results as compared to the past when they had to wait for three months or so.

Daily Nation
Plastic wars: The Big Bag Fury

Prof Judi Wakhungu, the Environment CS, is fighting the battle of her life over plans to ban polyethene carrier bags. Many Kenyan homes have that one prized polyethene bag that holds the smaller carriers acquired from supermarkets, kiosks, salons, or the occasional trip to grandma's.

Daily Nation
Time to tackle post-harvest loss

Sunday May 14 2017 Post-harvest loss is the degradation in both quantity and quality of food production, from harvest to consumption. In the 2016/17 financial year, the State Department of Agriculture received Sh21.6 billion from the national Treasury.

Daily Nation
The great armyworm invasion

This foreign pest has just invaded Kenyan farms, and nobody knows what to do about it. Tighten your belt, it's about to get messy. One uneventful afternoon in March this year, insects expert Muo Kasina was enjoying a cold glass of pina colada when he received a call from a small-scale farmer in Kitale, Trans-Nzoia County.

Daily Nation
Time to take stock and create order in marine industry

Monday September 5 2016 From the mid 2000s, more fishermen joined the business, leading to over fishing. The decline in the annual catch from 170 tonnes in 2003 to 107 tonnes in 2013 has raised concern among scientists and sociologists regarding the status of this resource and the economic viability of other fish.

Daily Nation
City food markets a brokers' paradise

Saturday October 8 2016 You have to go through the brokers, who also determine the prices, sell on your behalf, deduct their charges of sometimes up to Sh300 per crate and give you the rest.
Toting panels on donkeys, Maasai women lead a solar revolution

"For us, the impact of solar technology is unparalleled," said one of the women trained as a solar installer MAGADI, Kenya, June 3 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Not long ago, dusk was a time of unease for the people of Magadi, a village in Kenya's Kajiado County.

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