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Leoni Jesner

Journalist & Editor

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An experienced international journalist residing in Tel Aviv, specializing in B2B and B2C content for digital and print markets across the travel, tourism and tech industries in Israel.

Author of #interns - we do more than make coffee, the ultimate internship guide:


Tech & Innovation

The on-demand beauty app driving social change

Inspiration struck Maya Gura during her work with disadvantaged women in 2011 as part of her graduate studies in criminology at Israel's Bar-Ilan University. "These strong-willed females were on a journey to turn their lives around and possessed the desire and ambition to get out there and work," Gura tells ISRAEL21c.

Digital glasses offer hope of sight for vision-impaired

Israeli company ICI Vision has developed digital eyewear with the potential to give millions of legally blind people the ability to see. The company's Orama high-tech glasses are the brainchild of Haim Chayet, an Israeli optic physicist who was originally creating augmented-reality goggles for motorcyclists.

Connectivity of the Internet, Technology And Women of the Digital Age - SWAAY

by Leoni Jesner The Internet, Technology And Women Of The Digital Age Are We More Or Less Connected? If technology was human, it would have received an accolade for world domination. From the moment we awake until the time our heads touch the pillow at night, technology has become intertwined into almost every aspect of our daily lives, and its presence is on the rise.

Israel's Startup Nation: The Flourish of Female Entrepreneurs - SWAAY

In recent years, Israel has secured its position as the "Startup Nation," functioning as one of the world's most developed technological epicenters. Having established a distinctive high-tech ecosystem, Israel, a country with a population of only eight million, continues to celebrate its innovative capacity with one of the largest density of startups globally.

Israir magazine
The latest cutting-edge apps developed in Israel

Tel Aviv has long since solidified its position as one of the top leading startup ecosystems in the world, and its respected reputation as a dynamic high-tech cultural marvel has resulted in a wave of investors and entrepreneurs on the hunt to back the next innovative product.

Travel, Tourism & Lifestyle

Culture Trip
Why Food Is at the Heart of the Community in Tel Aviv's Kerem

Shlomo & Doron is a family-run, fourth-generation Yemenite restaurant serving some of the best hummus in town. Located a mere five-minute walk from the city's most famous market, Shuk HaCarmel, Shlomo & Doron is open for breakfast and lunch and offers vegan versions of all of its dishes.

Culture Trip
A Tour of the Bauhaus District in Tel Aviv's White City

Though the movement originated in Germany, a wave of European immigrant settlers in the 1930s, including Bauhaus graduates Arieh Sharon, Shmuel Mistechkin and Shlomo Bernstein, brought Bauhaus to Tel Aviv - a city that was then in its infancy.

Culture Trip
A Guide to Celebrating Tel Aviv Pride

The first celebratory Pride Parade took place in 1989, two decades after the Stonewall riots in Greenwich Village, New York, marking a monumental turning point in LGBTQ rights. Since then, the week-long Tel Aviv Pride celebration has been organising concerts, film screenings and street parties, and draws one of the biggest crowds in the world.

Travel Trend
New cruise ships for 2019 and beyond

The cruise industry is experiencing success year upon year, with annual growth and operating at a capacity close to 100 percent. According to the Cruise Industry Overview 2018, 2017was recording break year with 25.8 million global cruise passengers, an increase of 4.5 percent on 2016.

Travel Trend
Six unbelievable hotels of the future

The travel industry is undergoing constant change, driven by external elements forcing companies to rethink how their product best serves the needs of today's traveler. Technology, ease of travel and the reasons for travel are crucial areas challenging the traditional model, especially within the millennial demographic, who, according to the AARP report on 2018 travel trends, are more adventurous, have a greater thirst for experiential travel and spend more on travel than baby boomers.

Travel Trend
Travel Trends for Your 2019 Radar

The travel industry of today is a stark contrast to when two-week annual family vacations were flavor of the month. Shaped and influenced by why, how and where people travel, the industry continues to evolve as flexibility in the work force, an influx of budget airlines and wider promotion of new travel regions define travel for the 21 st century travel.

Overseas train, bus, and ferry journeys made simple

When honeymooning in the Philippines, Noam Toister and his wife were faced with the challenge of reaching a world heritage site located north of the country. "We took a taxi to the main bus station, only to be told there was no space on public transport that day," Toister tells ISRAEL21c.

Time Out Israel
Tel Aviv's first Knafeh Bar is Landing this Summer

The streets of Florentin are soon to be filled with the sweet aroma of Tel Aviv's very first knafeh bar - Kanafenji, which sets up shop this August in south Tel Aviv's trendy Florentin neighborhood.

Indulge in Israel

An insider look at luxury Israel - from wineries in the center to a renovated boutique hotel palace in the north.

Israir magazine
Ramon International Airport

Currently under construction and scheduled to open in 2017, Ramon International Airport will serve as the new international entry point to Eilat on the Red Sea, southern Israel, and the Dead Sea.


Jewish Business News
Orthodox ladies wear hits a fashion high

From the runway to the high street, it's the latest trend sweeping the fashion industry, but what is your take on the rise of orthodox wear? The layering effect, an identifiable trait within traditional Jewish wear, has recently grabbed the attention of the high fashion world, not only in the sketches of designers but also ...

Fashion and Beauty Monitor
Suzy Menkes - Making it Sing

Feature with Vogue International Editor Suzy Menkes for Fashion and Beauty Monitor's Fashion Week Takeover.


#interns - We do more than make coffee

Internships - a relatively new phenomenon that has, without a doubt, earned a rightful place within the working world of today. It was a few years back when I first decided to dip my toe into this un-known territory, making full use of the opportunity to travel abroad for my placement.

Top 10 tips for interns

Having completed four internships within the space of three years, both in the US and UK, Leoni Jay has developed an understanding of the work experience industry and what it takes to secure that all important placement. She interned in Los Angeles over two summers for various PR and media companies where she gained a wealth of knowledge and industry experience.

#interns: we do more than make coffee

"What do you want to be when you grow up?" If you are considering an internship, this book provides strategies to help you with the process of securing your ideal role, based on my own experiences in the world of interning, which are detailed in the book.

Intern Overseas

Grad Mag is your essential guide to postgrad study and careers. If you are looking to take a postgrad course, Grad Mag should be your first port of call. It's packed with opportunities, tips and advice to improve your career prospects. Grad Mag is completely free 6 times per year.

Leoni Jay

Leoni Jay is the author of '#interns - we do more than make coffee'. It is available to purchase online via Amazon: Follow Leoni on Twitter: @TheInternWall

#interns - we do more than make coffee

The word internship has become so engrained in our vocabulary, daily conversation, and office chit chat that it's hard to imagine a time when the term was less likely to prominently linger in the minds of students, graduates, employers and even parents.

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