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Freelance Journalist

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Freelance journalist. Regular contributor for Beast Magazine, tmrw Magazine.
Print and digital.
Specialist interests include; travel, politics, current affairs, foreign affairs, culture.

Best Sunday Roast, Bethnal Green -

BY LEONIE HELM Set on the edge of the park, by Bethnal Green tube station, Chiringuito is a delightful spot to enjoy one of their newly available Sunday lunches, sip a sumptuous cocktail, and watch East London roll by. Like a traditional roast, Chiringuito currently offer a choice of pork, beef, half a baby chicken ...

The Corner Room, Bethnal Green -

By Leonie Helm Situated in Bethnal Green's beautiful Edwardian Town Hall Hotel, which has a decidedly 1920s glamour about it, is The Corner Room. An original concept by renowned Portuguese chef Nuno Mendes, who has now moved on to executive chef of the Chiltern Firehouse, The Corner Room kitchen is now under the control of ...

Cent Magazine
ROOTS; Hidden Women

'Where are all the women?' asks the London Transport Museum. Yeah, where are all the bloody women? Everywhere. They always have been. Doing cool shit. But the powers that be either weren't interested or didn't think others would be, so kept it quiet. Probably felt threatened. Bless.

Foundry Fox
London: The FGM Capital of Europe - Foundry Fox

Over 60,000 girls under 15 are at risk of Female Genital Mutilation in the UK, according to FORWARD (Foundation for Women's Health and Research and Development), a leading anti-FGM organisation. Half of all victims in England undergo the procedure in London.

Foundry Fox
Chandro Tomar - the 86-year-old sharpshooting granny from India - Foundry Fox

'I'll keep shooting until my last breath.' - Chandro Tomar In a country where women face daily oppression and violence, inspiration and motivation to keep going can be hard to find. However, despite the patriarchal hell that some women find themselves in India, there is never a shortage of exceptional, mould-breaking women challenging inequality.

Bristol 24/7
Review: Mayfest: Portraits in Motion

Artist and storyteller Volker Gerling has created a piece of cinematic theatre that is truly breathtaking. His unique and evocative approach to recording human life is a beautiful insight into individual, personal moments. Gerling takes 36 black and white photographs of his chosen subjects in 12 seconds, capturing the essence of that person and that moment, and uses these images to create flip books.

Bristol 24/7
Review: The Ugly One

Marius von Mayenburg's modern satire pinpoints the frivolity and danger in society's obsession with physical beauty. The audience is launched with some considerable force into a world of dangerous narcissism where faces are a marketable commodity that can be bought and sold.

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