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Leonardo Pelloni QuintabĂ 

Creative Writer

Location icon Germany

I am a lover of literature, games and books and I have been a writer for more or less forever.

Dialogue written for Arakion: Book One.
The Brawler

A short and slanged linear dialogue written for a slightly crazy NPC; and for his chicken too, obviously.

Spec Clip
The Hunt

A short story, a story of wood and bark, of fear and fangs.

Dialogue written for Arakion: Book One
The Weeper

A masked figure and some puppets meet the player in a branching dialogue.

Troglobytes Games
Hyper Parasite

I wrote the descriptions of the 60 playable characters and their attacks for the crazy 80s world of Hyper Parasite. Check them out in the Wiki, or download the game and read them in the Almanac.