Lennie V. Omalza

Freelance Writer

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Freelance writer with more than a decade of experience. Clients include Honolulu Magazine, Hawaii Home+ Remodeling Magazine, The Courier-Journal, and The Voice Tribune.


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The Courier-Journal
Tour this remodeled Glenmary home with a lush, green outdoor oasis

It's been seven years since Peter and Claudette McManus purchased and renovated their attached, end-unit, single-family, Glenmary abode. Claudette fell in love with the floorplan, but the house desperately needed a facelift. "(The) home had never been upgraded (since) construction, I believe," she said, explaining that she and her husband remodeled the entire 2,000-square-foot space.

The Courier-Journal
This stylish 1-bed condo in Clifton Heights is petite, bright and open

As a former resident of The Harbours Condominiums in Jeffersonville, Indiana, Debbie Pullen is no stranger to condo living. But when the Louisville native was getting ready to move back across the Ohio River, she wasn't just moving from one small space to the next - she was, essentially, starting from scratch.

Restaurant Reviews


The Courier-Journal
Personalized Perfection

This forever-home in Glenview was custom-built for owners' lifestyle.

Life & Style

The Voice-Tribune
Lady-led, but catering to all

Most people wouldn't consider owning a catering business akin to leading a circus, but Deborah Lowery does.

The Voice-Tribune
Little Voices, Big Impacts

Growing up in the United States comes with privileges most American children take for granted.

Fashion & Beauty

Lei Chic
Picture Perfect

Get ready for your next close-up with Cherbu's new spring line.

Lei Chic
New Moon

A mystical clothing line inspired by folklore of the planets.

Lei Chic
Rebel with a Cause

Kira Hawaii's Rebel Collection showcases jewelry designer's edgy side.



Women's Health

Since its opening in 2001, the Queen's Women's Health Center has offered a variety of services, including physical therapy geared specifically to women's health-related diagnoses.

Personal Blog

Leaving the HI Life
Welcome to Thug Life

I moved out of my parents' home 12 years ago. Since then, I've lived in three houses, two townhouses and four apartments.

Leaving the HI Life
Blame it on the Concierge

After being in Louisville, Kentucky, for a couple of weeks, I decided to check out the rental apartment market-just for kicks.

Leaving the HI Life
Cheap Doesn't Mean Easy

When I was getting ready to move to Colorado Springs, I was told it would be "so easy" to find an apartment to rent, because places were cheap and plentiful.

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