Lennie V. Omalza

Freelance Writer

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Freelance writer with 13 years of professional experience. Clients include The Courier-Journal, The Voice-Tribune, StyleBlueprint, HONOLULU Magazine, Hawaii Home + Remodeling Magazine, LEAD Marketing Agency and Blackletter Group.


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Barn8: Farm-to-Table Dining at Its Best

Tucked away on a quiet street in Goshen, KY, there sits a 19th-century structure originally used as farm storage. It was later transformed into a dairy barn and eventually became building number eight of Hermitage Farm’s horse stables. The gorgeously restored barn has since received a fresh, black coat of paint, and a bold red “8” is affixed just above the upstairs window.

Restaurant Reviews


The Courier-Journal
Personalized Perfection

This forever-home in Glenview was custom-built for owners' lifestyle.

Life & Style

The Voice-Tribune
Lady-led, but catering to all

Most people wouldn't consider owning a catering business akin to leading a circus, but Deborah Lowery does.

The Voice-Tribune
Little Voices, Big Impacts

Growing up in the United States comes with privileges most American children take for granted.

Fashion & Beauty

Lei Chic
Picture Perfect

Get ready for your next close-up with Cherbu's new spring line.

Lei Chic
New Moon

A mystical clothing line inspired by folklore of the planets.

Lei Chic
Rebel with a Cause

Kira Hawaii's Rebel Collection showcases jewelry designer's edgy side.



Women's Health

Since its opening in 2001, the Queen's Women's Health Center has offered a variety of services, including physical therapy geared specifically to women's health-related diagnoses.

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