Leila Johnston

Freelance copywriter, editor and journalist

United Kingdom

I'm a writer, editor and presenter working in particular with digital culture themes, but will consider any job. I founded a communications agency called Hack Circus in 2013. We made immersive experimental experiences which bridged the arts and science worlds, and produced a quarterly magazine about 'Fantasy Technology and Everyday Magic'‚Äč. The organisation continues in some forms to this day.

I've written humour books, comedy for BBC Radio 4 and a column for BBC Comedy online. As a journalist I've written for Creative Review, The Guardian, New Scientist, WIRED UK, and many more. I have written copy for countless websites in and outside of the agency world, and have created and spoken at dozens of events. I'm currently the editor of Imperica.com and working with several organisations from the technology and arts worlds.

For links and samples of some of the other things I've done see my website leilajohnston.com

Brandwatch columns

Columns on contemporary trends in tech and behaviour, for Brandwatch

New Scientist
The revolution is televised: YouTube gives science a big bang

The way we explain and understand science is being transformed by online videos, says Leila Johnston The people have spoken... about a lot of things lately. And let's face it, it has usually happened in the echo chambers of social media.

Hack Circus
Hack Circus issue 12

Art/tech/science magazine I produced and edited for 3 years.

Hacking Rambert
Hacking Rambert

A document I wrote and edited, detailing my discoveries as the first digital artist in residence at dance company Rambert, in 2016

Singular company handbook
Singular company handbook

I wrote and edited the copy for the company guidebook of Singular, a tech start-up who create digital overlays for live streaming video.