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Leif Greiss is a freelance reporter for the Reading Eagle and WhoWhatWhy.org. He's previously written for TribLIVE.com, The Daily Collegian and other media. His focuses are on investigative journalism, data analysis, data visualization, and web programming. He graduated from Penn State in '17 with a major in digital and print journalism and minor in information science and technology.

Why Partisan Gerrymandering Might Chill a Democratic Wave - WhoWhatWhy

Democrats performed well in state and local elections in 2017 and held a large lead in generic polls heading into this year. But voters expecting a Democratic wave that wins them the House in 2018 may be in for a surprise. Winning the majority of votes in a state, or in the country as a whole, doesn't guarantee victory.

Leechburg Volunteer Fire Company, others offer incentives to attract younger firefighters

As volunteer fire companies across the country struggle to retain new members, the Leechburg Volunteer Fire Company is taking a proactive approach to keep more young blood in its ranks. The fire company will be offering a tuition reimbursement plan and a scholarship-based junior program to help recruits pay for higher education.

The Daily Collegian
A look at party affiliations across Pennsylvania and the layouts of congressional districts

Created by Leif Greiss and Frank Esposito courtesy of Carto Pennsylvania is split into 67 counties, of which 24 have more registered Democrat voters than registered Republican voters. Many of these Democrat-leaning counties contain cities and large metropolitan areas. For example Allegheny county, where Pittsburgh is located, or Philadelphia County, are both overwhelming Democrat.

Reading Eagle
Tilden residents pack meeting to oppose warehouses | Reading Eagle - NEWS

More than 100 go to the December meeting to voice concerns over a proposed logistics park overlay ordinance. More than 100 residents packed themselves into the Tilden Township supervisors December meeting to voice concerns over a proposed logistics park overlay ordinance.

Pre-K program Highlands' 'best-kept secret'

Getting a bunch of 3- and 4-year-olds to sit down for any length of time is hard. Giving them the foundation they need to succeed in kindergarten is even harder. Yet, somehow, Marian Ayres manages to do both.

Official: Harrison sinkhole 'biggest I've seen'

After more than a week of work, damage from a sinkhole that opened in the front yard of a Harrison property soon will be fixed. A roughly 5-feet-in-diameter , 12- to 15-feet-deep sinkhole formed July 21 at 1433 Carlisle St. "It's the biggest I've seen in my 25 years," said Randy Martinka, Harrison superintendent of public works.

Free Tuesday lunches among most popular Sheep Inc. Arnold activities

The former Lazarus' Tomb Coffeehouse Ministries has been known in recent years as Sheep Inc. Arnold, but the center's dedication to serving local people has endured for more than four decades. Robert G. and Rosetta Lecocq of New Kensington founded Lazarus' Tomb in 1972 to serve Arnold and New Kensington.

Brackenridge crash hits one family the hardest

It has been a cruel spring and summer for Prospect Cemetery in Brackenridge, which has seen property damage caused by a fallen tree, a wild Fourth of July party and now a car crash. "What else can happen to this cemetery?" Prospect Cemetery President Cindy Homburg said.

High school grads throughout the Alle-Kiski Valley plan careers of service

Louis B. Ruediger | Tribune-Review As the Alle-Kiski Valley's high school seniors graduate, some are taking steps to serve their country while pursuing secondary education. At Springdale High School, of the 78 seniors graduating, eight - about 10 percent - have enlisted for military service.

The Daily Collegian
Going all in on 'All In': Taking a deeper look at Penn State's diversity and inclusion initiative

On the night of Oct. 6, 2016, Old Main's pillars were lit up top to bottom by a multi-colored light display, simply reading: All In. Born out of conversations students had with President Eric Barron and Vice Provost of Educational Equity Marcus Whitehurst, the initiative 'All In' seeks to expand and celebrate diversity, inclusivity and equity on Penn State campuses and in the community as a whole.

The Daily Collegian
Trump's claims of rigged presidential elections unlikely

Presidential candidate Donald Trump has made various claims about the elections being rigged. "Of course there is large scale voter fraud happening on and before Election Day. Why do Republican leaders deny what is going on? So naive!" Trump tweeted on Oct. 17.

The Daily Collegian
UVa student arrested in North Korea prompts reminders of safety when traveling abroad

Drunken undergraduate shenanigans are what caused a University of Virginia student to be sentenced to 15 years of hard labor in North Korea. Otto Warmbier, a junior at Virginia and a member of the Theta Chi fraternity, was sentenced on March 16 for attempting to steal a propaganda poster during a trip he took to North Korea, according to the Associated Press.

New Kensington targets condemned structures in hope of attracting new businesses

New Kensington's most recent push to tear down blighted buildings couldn't come at a better time, business owner Mary Bode said. Bode and her husband, Kevin, own the 7-month-old Knead Community Cafe in the city's downtown - a mix of businesses, vacant buildings and occasional grassy spaces where structures once stood.

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