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Leif Greiss is the Bristol, Tennessee beat reporter and data reporter for the Bristol Herald Courier. He's previously written for the Reading Eagle, WhoWhatWhy.org, TribLIVE.com, The Daily Collegian and other media. His focuses are on investigative journalism, data analysis, data visualization, and web programming. He graduated from Penn State in '17 with a major in digital and print journalism and minor in information science and technology.

Some experts concerned as vaccine rates fall in Virginia, Tennessee

BRISTOL, Tenn. - When he's gone on medical relief trips to South America, Dr. Grat Correll said he's seen kids die almost every day, many of them from vaccine-preventable diseases like diphtheria or polio. Correll, a physician of 25 years, said parents often asked him to vaccinate their children, but he couldn't - they didn't have the means to safely store vaccines or administer them.

Bristol, Tennessee, owns 298 properties, some unused for years

City property by the numbers: " Parcels owned by the city: 298 MOST VALUABLE ASSESSED PROPERTIES: " Steele Creek Park, the main parcel: $1.38 million " Bristol Tennessee Fire Department Station No. 5 near The Pinnacle: $888,600 " Pinnacle Park: $699,000 " Bristol Products property: $372,500 " Whitetop Creek Park: $360,800 " Largest Property: Steele Creek Park, the main parcel - 2,148 acres or 3.3 square miles " Street with the most city-owned properties: Shelby Street, at 31 properties.

Flaccavento may give Griffith a run for his money

When it comes to overall money raised in Virginia's 9th District congressional race, U.S. Rep. Morgan Griffith leads Democratic challenger Anthony Flaccavento by almost $200,000, but Flaccavento comes out on top when it comes to individual donors. Overall, nearly 97 percent of money raised by Flaccavento came from individual donors.

Some Patrick Henry alumni speak out against 'Dixie'

GLADE SPRING, Va. - When Taulby Edmonson played football at Patrick Henry High School, the fight song "Dixie" was played by the band every time the team scored a touchdown. For him, the song inspired positive feelings and represented school spirit.

Lockups face overcrowding crisis in Sullivan County and Bristol, Va.

Step into the long, linear jail cell so overcrowded there is scant room to sit or sleep, save for a few unoccupied patches of concrete floor. Inmates wearing faded jumpsuits with black-and-white stripes and bright orange Crocs stare back blankly as the large door of gray metal bars slams shut.

Haynesfield Elementary students unveil community garden

BRISTOL, Tenn. - Parsley, chocolate mint, garlic, lettuce, tomatoes and petunias are just some of the goodies planted by Haynesfield Elementary students in the Haynesfield Community Garden. The newly updated garden at the school on Bluff City Highway in Bristol, Tennessee, was debuted Thursday during a celebration that brought students, teachers, parents, community members and school officials together.

Why Partisan Gerrymandering Might Chill a Democratic Wave - WhoWhatWhy

Democrats performed well in state and local elections in 2017 and held a large lead in generic polls heading into this year. But voters expecting a Democratic wave that wins them the House in 2018 may be in for a surprise. Winning the majority of votes in a state, or in the country as a whole, doesn't guarantee victory.

The Daily Collegian
A look at party affiliations across Pennsylvania and the layouts of congressional districts

Created by Leif Greiss and Frank Esposito courtesy of Carto Pennsylvania is split into 67 counties, of which 24 have more registered Democrat voters than registered Republican voters. Many of these Democrat-leaning counties contain cities and large metropolitan areas. For example Allegheny county, where Pittsburgh is located, or Philadelphia County, are both overwhelming Democrat.

Reading Eagle
Tilden residents pack meeting to oppose warehouses | Reading Eagle - NEWS

More than 100 go to the December meeting to voice concerns over a proposed logistics park overlay ordinance. More than 100 residents packed themselves into the Tilden Township supervisors December meeting to voice concerns over a proposed logistics park overlay ordinance.

Pre-K program Highlands' 'best-kept secret'

Getting a bunch of 3- and 4-year-olds to sit down for any length of time is hard. Giving them the foundation they need to succeed in kindergarten is even harder. Yet, somehow, Marian Ayres manages to do both.

The Daily Collegian
Going all in on 'All In': Taking a deeper look at Penn State's diversity and inclusion initiative

On the night of Oct. 6, 2016, Old Main's pillars were lit up top to bottom by a multi-colored light display, simply reading: All In. Born out of conversations students had with President Eric Barron and Vice Provost of Educational Equity Marcus Whitehurst, the initiative 'All In' seeks to expand and celebrate diversity, inclusivity and equity on Penn State campuses and in the community as a whole.

The Daily Collegian
UVa student arrested in North Korea prompts reminders of safety when traveling abroad

Drunken undergraduate shenanigans are what caused a University of Virginia student to be sentenced to 15 years of hard labor in North Korea. Otto Warmbier, a junior at Virginia and a member of the Theta Chi fraternity, was sentenced on March 16 for attempting to steal a propaganda poster during a trip he took to North Korea, according to the Associated Press.

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