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Leichandra Truong

Technical Writer

I have collaborated with various Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to produce the following portfolio pieces. Writing has always been my passion—I thoroughly enjoy using writing process to make complex content easy to understand for end-users.


Google Hotel Ads (Online Help)

Set up conversion tracking for hotel campaigns

Conversion tracking can help you see how effectively your ad clicks lead to valuable customer activity on your website, such as bookings. After you set up conversions for hotel campaign reporting, Google will send the booked hotel data to you to enable campaign performance tracking.

About commissions (per stay) for Hotel Ads

Commissions (per stay) (formerly GHACP - Google Hotel Ads Commission Program, also known as Pay Per Stay) is a bidding strategy for Hotel campaigns. This bidding strategy allows partners to pay only when the guest stay has actually occurred, removing any risk of cancellation for the partner.

Set up tracking with ValueTrack parameters

ValueTrack parameters are used to track information about the source of an ad click. By adding these parameters to your ads and campaigns, you can learn if people who clicked on your ads came from mobile devices, where they were located when they clicked your ads, and much more.

Manage and update your landing pages

The landing page settings in Hotel Center help you define, organize, and manage your landing page configuration. This article explains recent updates to the landing page experience in Hotel Center. A landing page (formerly Point of Sale/POS ) represents the URL destinations for when a user clicks on a hotel ad price on Google and gets redirected to a partner website.

How to handle Price Accuracy violations

Partners often review other partners' price accuracy and report issues to Google when another partner violates the Price Accuracy Policy. You can use the "Violations" tab under Pricing in Hotel Center to report violations. In "Properties" under the "Suspended Hotels" tab, you can see which of your properties are currently suspended and submit requests for your suspended properties to be re-evaluated.

Link Hotel Center and Google Ads

Hotel Center and Google Ads work together to create and manage your hotel ad campaigns. This article shows you how to link and unlink your Google Ads and Hotel Center accounts. To link your accounts, you'll need administrative access to a Google Ads account and owner permissions in your Hotel Center account.

Terminology changes in Hotel Center

With the migration of Hotel Ads Center functionality to both Hotel Center and Google Ads, we've updated some terms to avoid duplication across platforms and to better define their intended behavior or use case. Several definitions related to data feed and reporting terms have also been simplified for clarity.

Glogou (Press Release)

Glogou Launches Cloud Services to Integrate China Marketing Campaigns With Salesforce

SANTA CLARA, CA --(Marketwired - October 12, 2016) - Glogou Inc., a Silicon Valley technology company that specializes in helping clients with marketing in Asia, announced the release of its Salesforce Baidu Integration App, (Demo website:, an easy-to-use cloud based service that enables businesses to manage their China marketing campaigns though Salesforce.

FaxSIPit (Advertorial)
The Missing Element in VoIP Fax

This article explains the shortcomings of fax via T.38 and G.711 protocols and how sending faxes using those protocols leads to dropped faxes. The solution offered is FaxSIPit's HTTPS fax, which is reliable and doesn't result in packet loss.

Encha Organic Matcha (Web Content)
Encha Subscription Program Instructions

The Encha Organic Matcha website is powered by Shopify's e-commerce platform. Most of Encha's customer base are seniors, so the Encha founder and I decided to use large font and screenshots as well as very simplified instructions, to accomodate the Encha customer demographics.

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