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Leena Taha

Senior Content Designer

I make complex information, simple.


GDS - Cabinet Office

Prepare for Brexit
Step-by-step navigation

Navigational tool that maps out end-to-end journey to complete a process, step by step. It shows users the guidance and services they must complete, in what order and allows them to easily orient themselves in the process.

How we adapted GOV.UK style when speaking about Brexit
Content design principles for Brexit

Created new content patterns for all government departments to explain how to create clear and action-focused content that helps users to prepare for Brexit.

Find an export health certificate
Finder for export certificates

A navigational tool that allows users to quickly and easily sort through a long list of documents to find the exact document they need.

Helps businesses find guidance on Brexit
Finder for businesses

Navigational tool that helps businesses find all the information they need to prepare for Brexit. They answer 7 questions and get a list of the guidance they need to follow.

To help new starters adjust to the role and organisation
New Content Designer information pack

Created an information pack for new starters that takes them through day-by-day the role and organisation and help them adjust.

Department for Education and Public Health England

Get funding for an apprentice
Product: new apprenticeship service

Username: esfa Password: educ4tion Prototype of new apprenticeship service. Worked on a service that helps employers to get funding for training an apprentice. Part of the wider apprenticeship product that helps employers take on and manage all parts of their apprenticeships.

Get funding with upcoming funding restriction
Product: new apprenticeship service

Prototype of new apprenticeship service that shows there is a restriction in funding when you come to apply for funding.

Less is more: creating a digital-first public health service
Blog post

Blog post written for the Director of Digital on how Public Health England are using technology to improve public health.

John Galliano and Youketen

Summary of the designer to encourage the customer to view and purchase from their collection.


An introduction to the confidently feminine style at Lanvin.

Giorgio Armani

An introduction to one of Italy's most well-known designers, Giorgio Armani.

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