Lee Hoverd

Freelance Article and Content Writer


As a Senior Writer for a leading online magazine devoted to entrepreneurs and businesses, and a Senior Writer for a content-producing media company, I have worked with a broad range of international clients in the B2B space. I believe SMBs are transforming the marketplace through forward-looking investments and initiatives such as ESG. I absolutely love telling their remarkable stories and crafting content that helps them meet their goals.

I have considerable experience creating informative, original, and entertaining written content in styles that include:

*Thought and Leadership pieces
*Brand Stories

I take pride in making every assignment an effortless, professional, and fun exchange.

Tharawat Magazine
Historical Cases of Crisis Management - Tharawat Magazine

Just before the turn of the 18th century, it was a commonly held belief in the West that all swans were white, simply because no one had ever seen anything different. However, that changed in 1697 when Dutch explorer Willem de Vlamingh unexpectedly discovered black swans in Australia, thereby rewriting Western zoology.

Tharawat Magazine
Hästens: The Timeless Value of a Restful Night

For Hästens, manufacturers of superior-quality beds that can last centuries, multigenerational sustainability is a combination of cutting-edge innovation and timeless tradition. Now in its sixth generation, Hästens has adapted considerably since 1852, embracing technology while staying true to their founder's 168-year-old commitment to exceptional value.

Tharawat Magazine
What Does Quantum Computing Mean for the Future?

The opposable thumb is an indispensable result of human evolution. Though its migration down the side of the palm likely took millennia, the thumb completely transformed our ability to interact with the physical world - and most probably our fate in the process.

Tharawat Magazine
he Evolution of a Plant-based Alternative to Meat - Tharawat Magazine

In 1931, nine years before he would lead the Conservative Party and his country against the tyranny of fascism, Winston Churchill was thinking about, among other things, meat. He predicted that, in fifty years, the absurdity of growing a whole chicken to eat the breast or wing would be eliminated by growing those parts separately, without the chicken as we know it.

Tharawat Magazine
Five Industries Feeling the Heat of Climate Change

Climate change will touch every economy and every person on the planet. That said, some will feel the impact before others. The world's largest insurance companies are already taking into account the effects of climate change-related extreme weather and are vocal about the price tag.

Tharawat Magazine
Top Five Family-Owned Sports Teams - Tharawat Magazine

Professional sports can bring out passion in players, fans and viewers like no other business on the planet, but they are also very much a business. To put it into perspective, the sector is expected to generate $80 billion in the North American market and $660 billion globally by 2022.

Tharawat Magazine
Strength in Unity: The Arrigoni Story

Prioritising familial closeness to the same level as growth and prosperity in business has seen the Arrigoni Group thrive over three generations. Arrigoni began as the entrepreneurial project of three brothers who emigrated from Italy in 1953, bringing their advanced metalworking techniques to Santiago, Chile.

Tharawat Magazine
Five Ways Brexit Could Affect the Future of Family Firms - Tharawat Magazine

There is no shortage of uncertainty around the UK's withdrawal from the EU. What we do know, however, is that the British pound immediately suffered the consequences of jittery investors: just three days after the UK officially left the EU on 31 January 2020, it fell 1.3 per cent against the dollar and 0.88 per cent against the euro.