Lee Hedgepeth

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United States

Lee Hedgepeth is a graduate research & teaching assistant at the Tulane University of Louisiana, where he is a Ph.D. student studying political development.

Lee earned an M.A. in political development from Tulane University in 2020 and an M.A. in community journalism from the University of Alabama in 2018. His earned his B.A. in Political Science from the University of South Alabama in 2017.

He has worked for various news organizations, including most recently for The Anniston Star. He also worked at Inside Alabama Politics and Alabama Political Reporter, for which he covered the state legislature full time in 2014. Lee also wrote Montgomery Minute, a state politics column in Lagniappe, Mobile, Alabama's local newspaper.

Lee's reporting has been cited by The New York Times, PBS Newshour, CBS, the Washington Examiner, and other respected outlets.



Lagniappe Mobile
Dethroned: Governor resigns amid personal, political failures

While former Gov. Robert Bentley's resignation ended what was nearly the first impeachment of a top politician in Alabama history, the cloud of the Republican's misdeeds will likely loom large in Montgomery for some time to come. Last Friday, the House Judiciary Committee's special counsel, Jack Sharman, released a 131-page report that is the result ...

Lagniappe Mobile
Alabama's most significant infrastructure project omitted from Trump priorities

Mobile's Interstate 10 bridge came close to falling down, and it hasn't even been built yet. A draft of top infrastructure projects being vetted by the Trump Administration doesn't include the long-desired, much-needed I-10 Mobile River bridge, and it's not entirely clear who's to blame for the mishap.

Alabama Political Reporter
Storming the courthouse: The road to Lee County

By Lee HedgepethAlabama Political Reporter This article, "The Road to Lee County," focuses on events involving current Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard, including his tactics as Alabama GOP Chairman in the "Storming of the Statehouse" in 2010, his actions in office as Speaker, the lead up to current grand jury empanelment, and his current role in Read More

Lagniappe Mobile
Luther Strange appointed to Sessions' Senate seat

Bentley appoints Luther Strange U.S. senator By: Lee Hedgepeth Gov. Robert Bentley has announced his appointment of state Attorney General Luther Strange as Alabama's next U.S. senator. Strange, a Republican, will replace Jeff Sessions, who has just been confirmed as U.S. Attorney General. Strange had already announced his intention to run for the seat in ...

Lagniappe Mobile
As AG confirms investigation, impeachment efforts persist - Lagniappe Mobile

Newly appointed Alabama Attorney General Steven Marshall confirmed just after Valentine's Day that Gov. Robert Bentley is the subject of a criminal investigation. Marshall recused himself from the case, but in the process has reinvigorated efforts by some state lawmakers to impeach the embattled chief executive. Marshall, whom Bentley appointed to replace now-U.S.

Alabama Political Reporter
AL earned over $4,000 last year from marijuana tax

Since the late 1980s, when states across the US began cracking down on drug use by any means necessary, Alabama has had the legal power to assess a very unusual tax. Namely, a tax on marijuana and other controlled substances that - yes - are illegal.

Lagniappe Mobile
Court determines state's legislative redistricting unconstitutional

Alabama lawmakers will have yet another monumental task to accomplish when they meet for their annual session beginning Feb. 7: senators and representatives will have to redraw at least 12 state legislative districts before the next election cycle following a federal court ruling that their creation was unconstitutionally motivated by race.

Lagniappe Mobile
Seafood bill boils to the surface

Alabama State Rep. Margie Wilcox thinks she may be able to solve what some have termed "crawfishgate," a years-long controversy over a health department crackdown on crawfish boils held by local bars and restaurants every spring in Mobile. Wilcox has said she'll file two versions of a bill when the Legislature begins meeting again in ...

Alabama Political Reporter
Christmas tidings costly for families of state inmates

This holiday season, families of the over thirty thousand people incarcerated in jails and prisons across Alabama will undoubtedly try their best to reach their loved ones, by phone, if by no other means.