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Something resembling a journalist. CD collector. Your Jewish friend. Talk shows, hockey, classic rock, wrestling, video games on occasion. Bylines at Deadshirt.net, RebeatMag.com, and Pucks And Pitchforks.

Scenes movie studios secretly deleted

It's more common than most would think that the movies we love have been edited before release. Sometimes the edit is small - removing a scene here and there - and other times it changes the meaning of the entire film. Here's a look at some noteworthy scenes that studios secretly deleted.

Pucks and Pitchforks
Metropolitan Riveters, New Jersey Devils Role In #ForTheGame

A few days ago, over 200 women's hockey players shocked the sports world by declaring that they wouldn't play in any North American league until they get the resources and support they need. Going by the hashtag #ForTheGame, it's been making waves, building momentum, and dividing fans and players alike.

Talk Show Graveyard: The David Letterman Show - Deadshirt

Last night, May 21th, 2015, David Letterman is retired from The Late Show. A 33-year legacy has come to a close. Almost everybody is publishing stories and retrospectives and tributes about what Letterman meant to them and the medium.

Pucks and Pitchforks
A New Jersey Devils Fan's Open Promo To Paul Heyman

Earlier this week, the New Jersey Devils twitter account tweeted out this. It was undeniably inspired by wrestling mastermind Paul Heyman labeling his client "the one behind the one in 21-1." He caught on... ...and the Devils responded. Ladies and gentleman, my name is David Lebovitz, and I am a contributor to Pucks And Pitchforks.