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Content Writer, Copywriter & Brand Strategist


After many full-time full-speed years working on global brands across industries, I now work as a freelance marketing writer and brand strategist. My work includes brand strategy and copy, content and website writing for brands across Australia and New Zealand.

I'm curious and readily roll-up my sleeves, immersing myself in all client projects with focus, creativity and precision.

Below are some samples of my writing to give a sense of my approach, tone and style. For more information, please feel free to visit my website (www.creativemix.com.au) or send an email ([email protected]).



How Medical Cannabis Can Help Treat Anxiety | RESCU

Anxiety is your body's natural way of dealing with stressful situations. A racing heart and sweaty palms are sometimes a good thing before a job interview or a big presentation. It's your fight-or-flight response triggering more blood flow and releasing stress hormones, preparing you to take on the challenge. But not all sweaty-palm situations are positive. An anxiety disorder is something more than this—it’s more than a temporary worry or fear. And sometimes it can get worse.

Australian Manufacturing Forum
Cannatrek leads the way on sustainability by embracing innovation and the environment

With the Commonwealth Government's policy targeting net zero emissions by 2050, the pressure is on Australian business to adjust and adapt to survive. Companies which are open to positive change and innovation with a focus on a circular economy will do more than survive, they will thrive - together with stakeholders and communities....

Treating Anxiety with Plant-Based Therapy

Anxiety is the world's largest mental health issue. While this is concerning on many levels, there is some positive news-anxiety disorders are treatable. An estimated 275 million people suffer from anxiety disorders worldwide with a 25% increase in cases following the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic-adding another 68 million people to the list globally, Australia included.

The New Daily
Summer's a breeze with cool Grae linen that won't break the bank | The New Daily

Even if you can't make that luxurious escape to a distant tropical island this year, you can still dress like you're there because nothing whispers blue-sky summer days and balmy summer nights quite like cool, crisp linen. Generations of Australian women have relied on Suzanne Grae for finding their go-to style destination with seasonal fashion and core wardrobe staples...

Business News Australia
Cannatrek innovates with plant-based therapy for chronic pain

Agri-tech company Cannatrek is leading the way on plant-based therapy as a treatment option for millions of Australians living with chronic pain. Backed by medicinal licenses, Cannatrek is working with stakeholders within the government’s regulatory framework, committed to reducing chronic pain for eligible patients, with one in five Australians living with the condition.

Sleep Disorders & Plant-based Therapies

With more than one in five Australians estimated to live with a major sleep disorder, research and interest in plant-based therapies as a treatment for sleep disorders is increasing. In addition to an individual’s wellbeing, sleep disorders affect the broader community impacting productivity, alertness and safety. A world-first 2018 parliamentary inquiry into sleep health awareness in Australia found that poor sleep quality, a sleep disorder or interrupted sleep result in...


BLOG: Health & Wellbeing
Massage Therapy Options & How to Work Out What's Best for You

With so many different types of massage, it’s often hard to work out what’s the best treatment for your body, and at a specific moment in time. From hot stone blissful relaxation to targeted sports recovery to immune-boosting manual lymphatic drainage, each massage technique is specialised with specific outcomes in mind. So to work out what massage is best for you, we’ve outlined a few pointers to help lead you in the right direction...

Central Telecoms PTY Ltd
How Softphones Can Help Make Your Business Run Better

With more and more people working from home, propelled by the pandemic, and predicted to stay as an evolved way of working life, businesses are kitting out with cost-effective and smart technology to enhance efficiencies. Cue the softphone.

BLOG: Health & Wellbeing
Working from Home? How to Look after Your Neck & Shoulders

There’s a lot to get used to when working from home. Besides sharing space with pets and kids and thinking through noise that you didn’t know existed, various body parts also feel the strain. We’re especially talking about neck and shoulders. While used to hours of usual desk work, our neck and shoulders are under even more pressure when working from home, having to adapt to all kinds of makeshift work stations...

BLOG: Health & Wellbeing
How Massage can Help Reduce HSC Stress

Exams at the best of times can bring on stress. But HSC exams in the middle of months of on-and-off lockdowns has the potential to bring on thick layers of muscle-burning head-spinning stress. Unfortunately while we can’t simply wish stress away, there are ways to manage and release stress. Remedial massage is a known and trusted stress-reliever, with many other known benefits. Read on to learn how massage can help reduce HSC stress and lighten the exam load.

Digital Marketing for Lawyers
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CBD oil is an alternative treatment option for various health conditions, made up of cannabidiol derived from the cannabis plant blended with a carrier oil. To learn more about the benefits of CBD oil in Australia, speak to a doctor or make contact. CBD is one of the many cannabinoids (compounds) in the cannabis plant and one of...

Australian Gourmet Gifts
Family Friendly Gift Hampers - Australian Gourmet Gifts

If you're searching for the perfect gift for a special family but wondering how to choose the right mix of things that parents and kids will love, you can't go wrong with so much choice in our delicious gourmet gift hampers.

Teething Toys

Haakaa has helped many mums on their breastfeeding journey with trusted baby products. Like Haakaa's manual breast pump, which is an award-winning best-selling and easy to use breast pump made from 100% food grade silicone, and BPA, PVC and phthalate-free. All Haakaa products are high quality, safe and comfortable to use.


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