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After many full-time full-speed years working on global brands across industries, I now work as a freelance marketing writer and brand strategist. My work includes copy, content and website writing, as well as brand and digital content strategy.

I'm curious and readily roll-up my sleeves, immersing myself in all client projects with focus, creativity and precision.

Below are some samples of my work to give a sense of my approach, tone and style. For more information, please feel free to visit my website (www.creativemix.com.au) or send an email ([email protected]).



Reader's Digest Australia
How plant-based therapy can help treat and manage insomnia and sleep-related conditions

With one in five Australians suffering from a sleep disorder, there's increasing interest in plant-based therapy as a therapeutic option for insomnia and sleep-related conditions. Besides immediate sleepiness and fatigue, other long-term results of sleep disorders may include diabetes, obesity, mental health and cardiovascular disease.

BLOG: Health & Wellbeing
Massage Therapy Options & How to Work Out What's Best for You

With so many different types of massage, it’s often hard to work out what’s the best treatment for your body, and at a specific moment in time. From hot stone blissful relaxation to targeted sports recovery to immune-boosting manual lymphatic drainage, each massage technique is specialised with specific outcomes in mind. So to work out what massage is best for you, we’ve outlined a few pointers to help lead you in the right direction towards enhanced health and wellbeing.

Business News Australia
Cannatrek innovates with plant-based therapy for chronic pain

Agri-tech company Cannatrek is leading the way on plant-based therapy as a treatment option for millions of Australians living with chronic pain. Backed by medicinal licenses, Cannatrek is working with stakeholders within the government’s regulatory framework, committed to reducing chronic pain for eligible patients, with one in five Australians living with the condition.

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