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Lauren specializes in writing digital content for small and mid-size businesses in a variety of verticals. Scroll down for sample white papers, blog posts and more.



Duquesne University School of Nursing
Contemporary Nursing and Healthcare Issues

Nurses are on the front lines of change within the healthcare system, and change is happening quickly. New regulations that boost access to care and improve outcomes without compromising quality have expanded nursing roles. A paradigm shift in nursing education has encouraged greater critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.

Client White Paper
Value-Based Reimbursements in Healthcare

Value-Based Reimbursements give In-Network providers an incentive to remain in a payer’s network, while tying a portion of their payments to patient outcomes. In doing so, the Value-Based system could help bring the cost of healthcare under control.

Client White Paper
Strategies for Avoiding Fraud in Healthcare

Fraud is extremely prevalent in the healthcare industry today – partially because there are so many ways to fall out of compliance. But the federal government has gotten better at policing fraud. According to the Healthcare Law & Compliance Institute, the federal government’s Health Care Fraud and Abuse Control Program recovered 4.3 billion in fraudulent expenditures in 2013 alone.

Client Blog Post
In the Long Run: Models for Supporting Patients After Discharge

As the substance abuse industry looks to control costs and improve outcomes, many facilities are adding post-treatment support services to their treatment programs. These are a few of the models being adopted by providers.

Business & Marketing

Predictive Index
How to sell an idea to resistant team members | Predictive Index

Whether you have a business idea you're ready to pitch, or a team to lead into the next quarter, it's important to know how to sell an idea. Selling ideas involves understanding how people tick-and what turns them off. Learn how to sell an idea with smart solutions from The Predictive Index.

Agency Blog Post
4 SEO Considerations Beyond Keywords | SEO Blog - MoreVisibility

If you're an online content marketer or a marketing manager, you might spend a lot of time thinking about your brand's keywords. That is fine so long as keywords are not the only thing you're thinking about for SEO. As we've said before, keywords are not the end-all be-all when it comes to SEO strategy.

College Planning

Gerber Life Insurance Parenting Blog
Is "Pre-paid" College Worth the Investment? | Gerber Life Insurance Blog

"Pre-paid" college usually takes the form of pre-paid 529 plans, which are tax-advantaged plans that enable families to lock-in the cost of college at the time that they purchase the plan. Considering that every year the cost of college rises about 2 percent to 3 percent, pre-paid college can be a worthwhile option to consider.

Gerber Life Insurance Parenting Blog
College Application Essay Tips | Gerber Life Insurance Blog

High school grades, test scores and extracurricular activities are extremely important, but the college application essay can make or break a student's candidacy. Why? The essay is often the student's only chance to "speak" directly to the admissions committee about why he or she should be admitted over possibly thousands of other applicants.

Client Website
What You Need to Know about Student Loans

When it comes to paying for college, student loans are a necessary evil for many families. But not all student loans were created equally. Before you sign that promissory note, it’s important to understand the commitment you're undertaking..


Ghostwritten for: A Mother's Perspective
What to Do When Your Baby Won't Breastfeed

As I've written about before, some of my most frustrating days (and nights!) as a new mom were when I was trying (and failing) to get my baby to breastfeed. In my work as a doula, I have come to understand the various reasons why a baby won't breastfeed, and how to support both mothers and babies in developing the breastfeeding relationship.

A Mother's Perspective
Setting Up Healthy Boundaries After Baby Is Born - A Mother's Perspective

You have a new baby and everyone's excited. But for the baby's physical health and your mental health, it's important to establish some boundaries so that everyone knows what is and is not okay. This is especially important around the holidays, when family may be visiting, or you may be traveling.

Gerber Life Insurance Parenting Blog
Getting Kids to Want to Go to Sleep | Gerber Life Insurance Blog

As a new school year begins, parents may be facing the problem of how to get their kids to go to bed at a reasonable hour. A solution: Kids will go to sleep if they understand why it's important, studies have found.

Eco Living & Advocacy

The Invading Sea
It's Never Been a Better Time to Go Solar | The Invading Sea

The climate news is scary, and getting scarier all the time. But while our leaders argue about what to do (or whether to do anything at all), homeowners in the U.S. are taking advantage of the last big federal tax credit for solar. I'm happy to count myself among them.

Client Op Ed
Tea and Climate Change

Because organic farming is adaptive, and emphasizes bio- and genetic diversity, it is easier on, and more supportive of, the land that feeds us. For this reason, organic farms tend to be more resistant to the effects of climate change, such as drought and soil erosion, than conventionally farmed land.

Client Blog Post
Are You Composting Our Packaging? Here's How to Get Started

In this post, we’ll walk you through the steps for starting a compost pile that will help you reduce your environmental impact by diverting your food waste and scraps away from the landfills by turning it into nutrient-rich soil.

Client Blog
Food Waste and Your Methane Footprint

With so much talk of CO2 and our carbon footprints, you might be under the false impression that carbon is the only greenhouse gas that you have to worry about. Unfortunately, there are several “greenhouse gasses” that contribute to climate change, and methane is one of the worst.

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