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I curate exceptional writing for your business by providing you with flawless, professional, and unique communication services. As a certified teacher and administrator with a Master's level education, I am a creative thinker with an eye for solution-based analysis and problem-solving. I will provide professional writing services that will increase your overall social media engagement and ultimately increase your sales goals by creating brand awareness and loyalty.

I am looking forward to working in partnership to provide your business the following types of services: SEO-based content writing, blog writing, ghostwriting, social media marketing-based writing, copywriting, proofreading, and editing. I also provide consulting and project management on an array of special assignments and projects as needed.

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The Herbal Cabinet | Herbal Remedies

It doesn't matter where you live. There's something magical about the start of the summer. The comforting warm air, the inviting smells of sand and sun, the flickering fireflies, the orange night sky, s'mores over a campfire. These comforts are universal.

How Many Years Can you Get Financial Aid?

Financial aid is a great benefit to those pursuing higher education opportunities. Without the potential of financial aid, whether federal student aid or other types, many students would be unable to afford college. Unfortunately, financial aid is not unlimited.

How much does the average college student spend on health insurance?

Health insurance is another one of those budget line items that many people tend to forget when they . Generally, health insurance would be considered as it will not fluctuate. You either pay one lump sum premium or make monthly payments. If you make payments, they will be the same amount each month making it a fixed expense.

Tails Waggin' Pet Care Website

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How much does the average college student spend on food?

Calculating how much an average college student spends on food can be a little difficult as meal plans, students, and colleges vary greatly. The good news is that food is an expense that you can creatively for, despite the fact that most college students are forced to buy a meal plan at least for the first couple of years of school.

How much can a student earn before it affects financial aid?

There is sometimes confusion surrounding financial aid, income limits, and the amount that a student is able to work before that income begins to affect financial aid analysis. This article will clear up the misconceptions and you will be able to find out just how much you are able to earn before it affects financial aid.

The Cameron Jackson Show
Atheism May Be the New Normal or Just An Excuse for Bad Behavior

Human beings are intrinsically motivated by meaning. There is a constant drive for humans to be actively involved in an emotionally charged pilgrimage to find meaning in their lives and in the world around them. As a result, many people "find" religion or cling to a set of moral or religious beliefs in an effort to extract such meaning.

Brain Coffee
Article how rehab is similar to college

It is called graduation in rehab too. Once the insurance companies have paid enough and our counselors believe we have had enough, we are ready to graduate depending upon the program and a number of other factors. Some go on to aftercare and some just go home and move on with their lives.

Eat Keto With Me
Three DIY Dressing Tips For The Keto Diet - Eat Keto With Me

One of our biggest worries about adopting a healthy lifestyle is that everything will taste horrible and be bland. Just because we have chosen to incorporate an amazing array of rainbow colored veggies into our lives, does not mean that we have become Bland Betty. The truth of the matter is that we can ...

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Client Testimonials

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Nanny Magazine
There Goes the Breast Milk!

I have never breast fed. Since I have recently decided that having my own children will conflict with my selfish, on-the-go, sleep-loving lifestyle, I will never breastfeed. I am an advocate of it, however, as I know there are many health benefits and emotional bonds and connections formed as a result of this personal choice.

Eleven Eleven Elixir
Eleven Eleven Elixir Website

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Facebook About Page
Elements Massage

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Eat Keto With Me
Eating Out On A Keto Diet - Eat Keto With Me

Eating Out On A Keto Diet Beginning any diet or lifestyle change takes work, especially if it is of the no-carb variety! The Ketogenic diet, also known as the Keto diet, is no different. It generally takes some time to master the basics. Preparing meals at home becomes second nature as we master the ...

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