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Layla Bashar Al-Kloub

A Journaliat, a Program producer, and a Writer

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Journalist @BBC Arabic (Nov 2020- Present)

Former TV Program producer @AlMamlaka in Jordan (Jul 2018 to Oct 2020)

Published Novelist

Former Journalist @The Globe Post

Former Blogger

MA Journalism and New Media from The Jordan Media Institute

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يسلط الضوء على القضايا الأكثر تداولاً عبر شبكات التواصل الاجتماعي محلياً وعربياً وعالمياً.


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What is faith? And how do we believe in religion and love together? How to pray? Whose prayer is closer to god? Do things fall in place when you know the ultimate truth or do they fall apart? These questions were harder of what I have got ahead, it's truth, faith, and creed and all ...

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Jeremy Corbyn decries US funding cut for Palestinian refugees

Amman, Jordan - British opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn has decried a US decision to cut more than half of its planned funding to the United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees, as he called for an end to the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories.

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Palestine, your way to the Jordanian Parliament!

It was a huge party, thousands were celebrating. They played very well known songs from the Palestinian heritage. "Rise the Kufiya and dance" one song says, referring to the traditional Palestinian headdress "Kufiya". Laith felt "The ecstasy of victory" when "Al Aqsa" electoral list won two seats in the Jordanian parliament (2016).

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