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PM describes plans to axe Huddersfield's A&E department as "scaremongering"

PRIME Minister Theresa May dismissed plans to axe Huddersfield's A&E department as "scaremongering" when she was quizzed about its future today. The Conservative leader brought her election campaign to Dewsbury where she spoke to a packed audience of supporters and media representatives ahead of Thursday's General Election.

NHS: Government's £1billion raid on the poor to help rich areas

Almost £1billion of NHS cash could be stripped from the poorest parts of the country and handed to the richest. A major allocation review is set to change the way health bosses calculate which areas get most money. Funding, now assessed by deprivation, may soon be based on the number of OAPs.

Born too soon...Mirfield mum hopes to end the anguish of tiny tots

A Mirfield mum is hoping to become one of the UK's leading experts on premature birth. An estimated 60,000 women each year in the UK go through the trauma of their little ones turning up well before they are due. Sadly thousands of the premature babies are too fragile to survive.

5 Kirklees councillors in dock for not paying council tax

Councillors have been failing to pay their council tax. The Examiner can reveal councillors have ended up in the dock after racking up thousands of pounds of debt between them in the past two years. Five have been summoned to court for non-payment, one of which owed almost £1,200.

Woman who dealt with Baby P scandal takes over children's services

A government troubleshooter has been parachuted in to take control of Kirklees' failing children's services. In a report published on Friday morning, Ofsted branded Kirklees Council's children's services as "inadequate" - the lowest rating it can give. On Friday afternoon the Secretary of State for Education, Justine Greening, ordered the council to let a government-appointed Children's Services Commissioner take charge.

Huddersfield girl Olivia Farnsworth feels no pain

Doctors dubbed her "bionic" while her mother says she is "made of steel." For seven-year-old Olivia Farnsworth has real life super powers. The Huddersfield youngster feels no pain, doesn't get tired and is never hungry. Olivia has a rare chromosome disorder that has left doctors and her family amazed.

Kirklees outsources plant growing to council with no nursery

Kirklees Council has handed a plant supply contract to a council that doesn't have a nursery. And it has emerged that the deal to grow bedding plants for Kirklees was done behind councillors' backs. The Examiner has learned that the huge contract - that allows Kirklees' own nursery to be closed - was won by Darlington Council last year.

Booze: The real story in Huddersfield

The festive season is upon us and with it comes all kinds of excesses. Fat, sugar and alcohol intakes rise for most of us as we toast Christmas and mark the New Year. A bit of indulgence never does anyone long term harm - or does it?

You may be sent to the back of the NHS surgery queue if you're 'obese' or smoke

Smokers and people who are too fat are set to be put to the back of the queue for non-urgent surgery on the NHS in Kirklees. Kirklees will be one the first places in Britain to adopt an official system of delaying surgery for smokers and the overweight until they improve their health.

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