Lavaniya Das

Growth Marketing and Content Lead

United Kingdom

Marketing Leader with experience in B2B SaaS, Film, B2C and telecommunications. Instituted better workflows, editorial guidelines, and Tone of Voice guidelines to consolidate brand narrative. Has a good understanding of the marketing ecosystem and uses content and marketing automation to improve demand generation and user retention.

Citrus: Increased In-store Footfall with Push Notifications

We spend a lot of time on our mobile phones. Push or Mobile App Messaging, in our opinion, is ideally suited to sending important information or a time-limited offer to a customer. This channel is an efficient and cost-effective way to increase sales.

How Anime and Donghua are Blending Story and Brand

While recovering from the flu in December 2019, I saw an AMV (a fan-made Anime Music Video) that grabbed my attention. The drawing was stylistic, the animation fluid, and the style was not what I was used to.

Crises don't happen between 9-5

There seems to be no shortfall of crises, tragedies and debacles these days. From British Airways' computer system taking a dive to the horrid tragedy at Grenfell, senior representatives were consistently unable to answer questions and came across as unsympathetic.