Lauren Moody

Content Specialist

Location icon United States

I have extensive experience writing content for blogs, websites, ads, and social media. I'm currently in Washington DC, searching for a position where I can both flex my abilities as well as hone new skills.

What Makes A Millennial-Friendly Brand? - Cosmitto

It's estimated that there are more than 80 million millennials in the United States , and every brand wants a piece of their attention. They're young and hip, right? If millennials take a liking to your brand, you're in! Maybe it is that simple.

An at-home fertility treatment client
What You Might Not Know About IVF

A blog written for a client regarding the most common misconceptions surrounding in vitro fertilization, a common topic for the client's audience.

An industrial magnet producer
Magnets Could Be the Key to Stopping Fishermen's Shark Problem

A blog written for a client about a problem fisherman are having with sharks getting stuck in their nets. The problem could be solved by applying magnets to the nets which can repel a part of the sharks that picks up on magnetic fields.