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Journalist | I write about travel, food and more.’Bylines: @joinseeker @culturetrip @Cheapflights @kayak @theactivetimes @fodors @dorsia @TheDailyMeal | Fmr Chinese Culture Guide (now ThoughtCo) | Explorer 48+ countries.

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Lauren Mack - Seeker

48 countries (and counting!) on five continents. I've called Beijing, Taipei, Miami, and now New York home. Countries at the beginning of the alphabet (Argentina, Australia, and Andorra) are on top of my bucket list.

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Lauren Mack

Lauren is a freelance journalist who primarily writes about travel, food, and drinks. Her work has appeared in 100+ publications, including The Daily Meal,, KAYAK, Seeker, En Voyage (EVA Air's inflight magazine), Time Out Beijing, Zagat, Newsweek International, Dorsia, Fodors, The Active Times,, ThoughtCo, City Weekend, United Press International, and more.

Perfecting The Magic - Disney Style Blog
Suite Life: Inside The Walt Suite - Perfecting The Magic - Disney Style Blog

We spent five nights in the Disney Magic's Walter E. Disney Suite, the most magical place on Disney Cruise Line, to give you the inside scoop. Located mid-ship on Deck 8 in stateroom 8030 on Disney Magic, the cruise line's first ship, and the Disney Wonder, the palatial two-bedroom, two-and-a-half bathroom suite, is on the ship's port (left) side across from the comparable Roy O.

History lesson: Celebrating A Milestone Year For Air Travel

As many air carriers are celebrating milestone anniversaries - American Airlines and United Airlines are celebrating 90 years, Aer Lingus is marking 80 years, as is , Philippines Airlines is celebrating 75 years, Japan Airlines and TransAsia Airways are each celebrating 65 years, Condor and Vietnam Airlines are both celebrating 60 years, Cathay Pacific is celebrating 30 years, WestJet is celebrating 20 years and Porter Airlines is celebrating a decade - we thought it would be fun to look back...

En Voyage
Up, up and away

After coal mine closures threatened a small town's economy and existence, its residents turned to a centuries-old tradition of making flying lanterns to revitalize their village.

Time Out Beijing
Vegas of the East

Once an afterthought for holidaymakers in Hong Kong, Macau has become a travel destination in its own right.

21 Ways to Describe Your Travels in Only Emojis - Cheapflights

When describing your vacation in words simply won't do, why not turn to emoji? Emojis are Japanese ideograms that have gained popularity worldwide. From social media sites to text messages, cute and colorful emoji are finding their way into everyday communication.

Travel Hacks: Ways it Pays to Read the Fine Print

Fine print - the tiny legalese that appears just before you click to book a trip, check a bag or use a credit card or you suddenly hear about in the event of a long flight delay or an overbooked flight - is often seen but not read.