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I am a professional writer and editor with a Master's degree and 15+ years of experience in Education. Writing has been my lifelong passion. I have experience in print journalism, corporate writing and editing, content writing, pet content-writing, curriculum writing, and narrative and creative writing.

PROFESSIONAL WRITER AND EDITOR - I have experience in news journalism and the corporate sector. I worked as a news reporter, writer, and education editor for a weekly newspaper. I went on to lead the editorial department for an international research and consulting firm. I have spent the past several years writing a variety of web content pieces in addition to articles about pet health and animal advocacy.

CURRICULUM DESIGN - Designed the writing portion of two Newtown, Ct. workshops that were designed to inspire creativity and empower young people through art and writing

CURRICULUM WRITING - Coordinated and designed curricula for a variety of ages and needs.

INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR -Designed and wrote public relations brochures which improved communications between a large, regional school district and three communities it served.

EDUCATOR -15 years' experience teaching language arts and writing. Planned, implemented, and assessed a variety of creative plans and instructional techniques to meet academic, intellectual, and social needs.

Lauren Lee is a dynamic writer/editor/communications specialist with a background in sociology, psychology, and creative writing. She has a Master's degree in Education with a concentration in Curriculum. She has also worked as a Team Leader. She served as the Curriculum Designer and Workshop Coordinator for two workshops with children in Newtown, Connecticut through Kids Share Workshops, Inc. Kids Share Workshops was formerly an L(C)(3) company offering arts enrichment workshops to children in communities struggling with hardship or disaster.

Lauren has an eye for detail and the ability to make communications effective and compelling.



WeRescue - The Pet Rescue Community
5 Questions to Ask When Adopting A Dog

Pet rescue is the most important thing you can do for your happiness and for the survival of pets in need. Find your rescue pet fast with the WeRescue app, where you'll see nearby adoptable dogs, cats, birds, horses, rabbits, farm animals, reptiles and other furry pets.

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We've Got Your Paws Covered! - Pet University

While people began panicking about the novel coronavirus, known as COVID-19, Liza became inspired to create a natural paw sanitizer for our four-legged friends. She saw a need and created a product to fill that need.

Pet University
13 Things Responsible Pet Owners Do - Pet University

Pets give us endless love and bring smiles and joy to our everyday lives. They teach us to be kinder and more compassionate. They are our loyal friends and fearless protectors. So it is worth remembering that pet ownership comes with great responsibility. After all, we are their guardians, leaders,

How To Find A Pet Sitter: Professional Pet Sitters Week | PetFirst

We all need a little R&R now and then. Still, for many pet owners, the idea of leaving our pets behind or boarding them in a high-stress kennel environment takes the relaxation out of R&R. Increasingly, pet owners are turning to Pet Sitters to either stay with their pets or to have them come in ...

Tips on Caring for Your Senior Dog | PetFirst

Changes in medicine and technology are making it possible for our dogs to live longer, healthier lives. This is good news in that many pet owners will have their beloved companions with them well into their dogs' golden years. As your dog ages, his needs will also change.

Prevent Your Pet from Becoming Lost

It's a pet owner's worst fear. No one ever wants to lose a furry family member to accidental loss, runaway, or theft. We've all seen the heartbreaking "missing

Linkedin - By Lauren Lee
January is "Unchain a Dog"​ Month

There's a saying that every dog has his day. The good news for every dog who has endured the harsh, unforgiving outdoors, tethered to the end of a heavy chain, longing for human companionship - January is your month!

Please Teach Your Children To Respect Me.  Love, Your Dog | PetFirst

Every relationship has spoken or unspoken rules that define socially acceptable behavior within the relationship.  The relationship with the family dog is no different. There must be boundaries for both the dog and for his pet parents and all other family members. However, when it comes to children, these rules and boundaries need to be ...


5 Reasons to Adopt a Senior Pet | PetFirst

Puppies and kittens are adorable. They look great in photos, and they make people smile. But all puppies and kittens eventually grow up to be adult dogs and cats. There are hundreds of thousands of adult dogs and cats waiting for loving homes. Older pets make excellent and much easier pets.

Choosing the Right Shelter Dog

If you are looking to add a new dog to your family, shelters are filled with wonderful dogs just waiting for their forever, loving homes. Each day dogs of every breed, size, temperament, age, and activity level leave shelters and become members of loving families.

Why Adopt a Special Needs Pet? | PetFirst

September 17th through the 23rd is considered Adopt a Less Adoptable Week. A survey conducted by Petfinder found that pets with special needs often wait four times longer than average pets to be adopted. Unfortunately, many of these pets don't ever find their forever homes because people don't view them as the "ideal" pets to ...

Adopt a Shelter Dog Month | PetFirst

October is known as the month of pumpkin-flavored everything, apple-picking, fall foliage, and haunted houses. However, for shelter dogs, October has taken on a whole new meaning. It is the month when all dogs awaiting their forever homes, wag their tails at families passing by, hopeful they will find their adopters.

Celebrate National Mutt Day | PetFirst

We all love our dogs and with that celebrating them whenever we can. All you have to do is glance at the calendar to see how many national and international holidays are devoted to celebrating our canine companions. So get ready to raise a paw to some very special pooches today, July 31st, as we ...


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Veterinary Student Debt - Tips To Successfully Manage @ Vet & Pet Jobs

So you've recently started that professional veterinary career you worked so hard to achieve. You expected it would be a tough road getting there, but you persisted and you've made it - congratulations! Here are some essential tips to help you successfully manage your Veterinary student debt...

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5 Ways to Boost Your Career Through Your Contacts Network @ Vet & Pet Jobs

If the term "networking" makes you think of people in suits, all wearing "Hi, My Name Is..." labels, scanning the room for influential people to talk to, as you stand awkwardly in the corner, you are not alone. However, modern networking is actually not a painful process, and it can have significant impact on your career prospects.

Jen Reviews
Diagnosing and Treating Allergies in Dogs | Jen Reviews

Have you ever noticed your dog obsessively licking or scratching his skin, biting or chewing his paws, or dragging his butt across the carpet or floors as you desperately try to redirect your dinner guests' attention? These behaviors are nothing to sneeze at.

Jen Reviews
10 Common Dog Behavior Problems and How To End Them

Behavior problems are a common reason owners give for surrendering pets to shelters or rescue organizations. Approximately 3.3 million dogs are surrendered to animal shelters each year. One in five ... Read more10 Common Dog Behavior Problems and How To End Them

Published Articles from My Life as An Animal Activist

When Will Legislators Learn BSL is Not The Answer?

I am reading through numerous articles and clippings on Denver, Colorado's lengthy and highly controversial pit bull ban in the midst of the mayor's latest decision to veto the repeal on breed specific legislation. Pictures from the The Rocky Mountain News in 2005 show dogs being rounded up, forced onto trucks, and taken to their deaths.
Originally published as a guest blog on
The Real Bully; Blaming America's Dog For Society's Problems

How Pitbulls went from being known as America's dog to being maligned by the media and feared by the public.

Pet Radio Magazine
A Wonderful Foster Failure

By Lauren Lee He knew it was his turn. That much was clear. Finally, he was getting his "freedom ride." It was a sweltering, late August afternoon, easily one of the top five hottest days New England had seen that year. The foster contract was filled out and left behind on the front desk mid-signature....

Pet Radio Magazine
Breed Specific Legislation; Reasonable Public Policy or Just B.S.

BY: Lauren G. Lee The United States and Canada can boast of some of the most beautiful sights and landscapes, making both countries wonderful places to visit, sightsee, and vacation. Both countries also offer varying and wonderful places to settle down and call home.


Dr. Jeff Werber
Do Pets Dream? * Dr. Jeff Werber Do Pets Dream? Blog *

Do pets dream? If you are a dog or cat owner, chances are you have wondered if your pets dream. If you've watched your pet sleep, you've seen him quiver, twitch, run in place, swat at phantoms, or even growl or snap during nightmares. So you probably already guessed it; the answer is yes.

How to Get Through The Holidays if You've Lost a Pet | PetFirst

The holiday season is full of family, gatherings, excitement, memories of a year gone by, and expectations of the year ahead. However, for anyone who has lost a pet, this can be a brutal time of year. The brain processes the loss of a furry loved one in the same way it processes the loss ...

5 Reasons Owning a Pet is Good for Your Health | PetFirst

If you have ever shared your home with a furry friend, you already know the many joys an animal companion brings to your everyday life.   Having a pet means always having a companion who's happy to see you when you return home - regardless of whether or not you folded the laundry or emptied ...


Take a Walk! Celebrate National Walk Your Dog Week | PetFirst

Does your pup love to get outside and enjoy a nice walk? If so, this week is a perfect week to get outside and do just that. Beginning October 1st you and your pup can join a nation of dog owners in celebrating the many benefits of walking together.

How to Keep Your Pet Stress-Free During The Holidays | PetFirst

It's the holiday season, and the familiar joy of family, friends, food, and festivities fill the air. But all the extra planning, cooking, hosting, and shopping cause many of us stress. If you're stressed, you are not alone. There is a good chance your pets are feeling the holiday stress as well.

6 Changes You Can Make Now To Help Your Dog Live Longer | PetFirst

Like most pet owners, you probably wish your dog could live forever. It seems terribly unfair that such selfless, loyal family members have such comparatively short lives. The good news is there are simple things you can do to help your dog live a longer and healthier life.

Dogs and Heat; What You Need to Know | PetFirst

The expression "dog days of summer," which originated in ancient Roman times, was meant to refer to the period in the summer initially thought to be hottest, July 3 to August 11. However, as anyone who has experienced the oppressive heat and humidity of summer knows that idiomatic expression hung on for a good reason, ...


How To Enjoy The Dog Days of Summer with Your Pup | PetFirst

We all feel a bit more relaxed during the summer when the warm days are longer. There's nothing better for the soul than spending time with those we love, human, and canine. So set aside a little extra time to bond with your dog this summer.

Why Does My Dog Drool? | PetFirst

All dogs drool. It is just a fact of life with dogs. They drool when they are happy, excited, and even nervous. They tend to drool even more if they are anticipating yummy treats or table scraps. Like humans, dogs have glands in their mouths, which produce saliva.

How To Recognize Signs of Stress in Your Dog | PetFirst

We've all experienced stress; tight shoulders, tension headaches, irritability, anxiety, difficulty sleeping. And as we leave our homes to tackle busy days, with "to do" lists in hand, it is tempting to look at our fur friends and envy their worry-free lives. What you may not know is that our pets suffer from stress in ...

What to Look For In A Dog Coat | PetFirst

Certain dogs are better able to handle winter weather than others. Like humans, dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Some breeds naturally have more body fat to insulate them against the elements. Other dogs come with their own, nature-made coats of thick, layered fur. Your dog's breed, size, and age are all things ...

Home Life Media -
10 Gifts You Need To Get Your Cat Right Now

This piece highlighted some of the coolest cat toys available at holiday time, where to find them, and what toll they'd take on your wallet.

Special Projects

Adventures in Time Travel and Other Amazing Stories!
Kids Share Newtown

"KIDS SHARE NEWTOWN - Adventures in Time Travel and Other Amazing Stories!" features the art and writing of the children of Sandy Hook and Newtown, Connecticut. It is the final product of the Kids Share Newtown Project by Kids Share Workshops and Publishing, Inc. Kids Share Workshops (501)(c)(3) is a nonprofit dedicated to empowering young people to be the artists and authors of their own stories through art and literacy workshops in the United States and abroad. Kids Share Newtown...

Totem designs, recreated by young artists in Connecticut
Kids Share Newtown Totems

We are grateful for the compassion and talent our volunteers bring to Kids Share Workshops. Below are new volunteers who have enthusiastically joined our 2015 spring workshop in Newtown, CT.

Poetry and Narrative Writing

Thoughts on healing vs curing in a technologically and medically advanced society
What is Healing Really?

A Narrative

Formal Research

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