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Lauren Hernandez


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My name is Lauren Hernandez, and I love to write. I graduated from East Stroudsburg University, with honors, with a degree in English. I decided to enroll in the professional writing program because I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, I just knew I wanted to write. After working directly with one of my favorite professors for my last year of school, I decided copywriting, advertising, and social media management are the right areas for me. I love the versatility, the constant changes, and I especially love to research what customers want and why they want it. I am very interested in marketing, so if I can combine that with my passion for writing, that would be the ultimate job for me.

In addition to writing countless papers, I worked as a writing tutor for three years during my time at ESU. I also wrote for The Stroud Courier, our school newspaper, for three years. I wrote blogs for a website I also helped create, writingcareers.net, and I created a Twitter account for it, @writing_career. I also created all of the content on that account. Although my experience may be considered minimal, I wrote many blog posts over the course of a year, and I learned an incredible amount about marketing and social media.

I want my writing to be about something that matters. I want my writing to be about something interesting. I want my writing to bring more customers in. I want my writing to mean something to someone.

The Stroud Courier
ESU Professors Prepare At-Risk Youth For STEM Careers Through Esports - The Stroud Courier

Lauren Hernandez Staff Writer Dr. Richard Otto and Dr. Jason Engerman from the Digital Media Technologies department have received a $399,853 grant to fund their ESportsU Foundation project. This project helps students labeled "at-risk" a chance to explore the art of digital media. "For me, over my years as an educator, I have been...

Nonfiction Class
Skin Color

Accepting the Skin I'm In

Writing Careers Blog
Public Relations Associate

by Lauren Hernandez The public relations career field has many different branches a person could explore. One of the starter positions is public relations associate. PR associates can be recent grads with no experience. Associates are just asked to have excellent interpersonal and writing skills.

Writing Careers Blog
Technical Writers

Technical writing is an in-demand position right now. If you see yourself interested in writing for science and pharmaceutical companies alike, tech writing could be for you! To get a feel for what technical writing is like, the first class you should start with at ESU is English 204: Technical Writing.

Writing Careers Blog
User Documentation Specialist

Someone has to write the directions - could that be you? A User Documentation Specialist is the person who writes the booklet that is in every box of new furniture. The booklet you ignore simply because it says "DIRECTIONS" on it... until you inevitably give up and look at them.

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