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Touring Laura's Travels
Photo Challenge: Relax

via Photo Challenge: Relax Wandering amongst brilliantly colourful houses, smelling the salty air while sunlight bursts through the leafy canopies of the many trees, my breathing slows, and my heart rate drops a little to keep rhythm with island time. The haven of tranquility that is Prince Edward Island is home to an enclave so...

TNT Magazine
Bristol Ten essential experiences

Regularly voted one of the most livable places in Britain, Bristol has plenty to keep travellers occupied too: from scenery that looks like the backdrop of a period drama, to entire pubs devoted to that most West Country of tipples, cider.

Touring Laura's Travels
A Whirlwind Tour of Dublin

Dublin, Dublin, Dublin. What a wonderful city you are. I had been looking forward to my little trip to the Emerald Isle for months, and it most certainly did not disappoint. Arriving bleary eyed and yawning early in the morning, I was delighted to be greeted by blue skies and bright sun.

Touring Laura's Travels
Newfoundland: Canada's Unsung Hero

In response to The Daily Post's writing prompt: "Unsung Heroes." I was pleased to see The Daily Post's theme centred around the idea of 'unsung heroes', as it's a category that is a great conversation piece. I guess it's the kind of thing that would usually prompt thoughts of criminally underrated albums, works of art...

Arts and Culture

Book Review: Birdcage Walk by Helen Dunmore | Culturefly

Helen Dunmore's fifteenth novel is a thoroughly enjoyable read, particularly for myself, a lifelong Bristolian. Events begin in Bristol in June 1789, with the bulk of the action occurring in 1792-93. Dramatic, tense and full of uncertainty, I couldn't put Birdcage Walk down.

Best TV Shows of 2016: The Crown, Stranger Things and More | Culturefly

When it comes to our end of year features, choosing the best television shows from the past twelve months is never an easy task. We're living in the 'Peak TV' era with an endless list of shows to choose from on a weekly basis - with everything from scripted shows and miniseries to documentaries and ...

Live Music Review: The Lumineers at the O2 Academy Bristol - Culturefly

The anticipation that's been building for fans of the Lumineers finally came to a head last Thursday evening. The American folky-rock heroes, who burst onto the scene in 2012 with radio favourite Ho Hey, kicked off their Cleopatra World Tour in Bristol, promoting their second record of the same name.

Jane Eyre at the Bristol Old Vic Review - Culturefly

If you see one play in Bristol this week, make it Jane Eyre at the Old Vic. Moving yet amusing, tender yet unabashed, the play, co-produced with the National Theatre, kicks off the Bristol Old Vic's 250 th anniversary celebrations in style.

Warriors Review - Culturefly

Of all the forms through which youthful exuberance and rebellious spirit find expression, the quintessentially English gentleman's game of cricket probably isn't the thing that springs to mind. Especially not when the rebellious youths in question are a group of young Maasai warriors from a remote corner of Kenya.

Living Quarters at the Tobacco Factory Review - Culturefly

If there's one thing that the theatre isn't praised for enough, it's the boldness with which productions are undertaken. It's a risk putting on a play - there's no flogging cheap DVDs after the run to try and re-coup costs. You won't find merchandise like tacky T-Shirts, or flashing headbands like at a musical or panto.

Russian Tattoo - Elena Gorokhova Review - Culturefly

Released: June 2015 Russian Tattoo succeeds Elena Gorokhova's memoir of her early childhood, A Mountain of Crumbs. Beginning in Soviet Leningrad in 1982, when Gorokhova is 24 years old, the author describes her childhood passion for the English language and how this leads, ironically, to a passionless marriage to an American in early adulthood.

Electra at The Old Vic - Review - Culturefly

If you're looking to spend a chilly afternoon whiling away the shorter days in the warmth of a playhouse, you could do a lot worse than to check out Electra at The Old Vic.

Health and Wellbeing

Rife Magazine
My IUD And Me: Coils And Contraception Services In Bristol

So, there comes a time when you just want a long-term method of contraception. So, there comes a time when you just want a long-term method of contraception. For me the natural choice seemed an IUD, a copper coil to be precise.