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Entertainment, travel, food & drink and lifestyle journalist who writes for The Independent, i newspaper, The Observer, The Guardian, Grazia, Easyjet Traveller, N by Norwegian and Munchies/VICE.

the Guardian
Rude Latin, panic and sexual tension: the art of the TV soundtrack

Right in the middle of the unholiest hook-up ever to hit television; a divine choir sang out. The culmination of the love story in Fleabag series two was not met with the familiar heavy metal riff. Instead, there was haunting choral chanting, which graduated from young boys' voices to adults during the series.

i newspaper
The cold never bothered me anyway

There's no cooler accommodation in the world: Laura Martin checks in to the original Ice Hotel to discover how it has changed over the past 30 years

easyJet Traveller
Where The Wildlings Are

The English region of East Anglia is home to Wild Man Will Lord, an expert in ancient survival skills. He gives Laura Martin a taste of the prehistoric

Great British Chefs
New Russian Cuisine in St Petersburg - Great British Chefs

It's been dubbed New Russian cuisine, amid a flurry of exciting young chefs firing up the pans in independent kitchens, and it's all about celebrating classic Russian produce in a modern way. 'Russians are finally getting pleasure from eating, rather than just seeing it as sustenance,' Zemlyanik explains.

easyJet Traveller Magazine
Basic Beach

Want the simple life without the self-righteousness? Laura Martin finds it on the outskirts of Essaouira, Morocco, where the eco-lodges aren't just for show

Why avocado toast is so problematic

We need to talk about avocados. No, not the fact that you can now drink a green-hued latte out of their skin. Or the record-breaking woman in Hawaii who found one the same size as her head.

Atlas Magazine
Striking Gold

Monte Vibiano, one of Italy's most venerable producers of olive oil, is now setting the pace for innovation

The Independent
Jimmy Somerville wants more gay pop stars to use same-sex pronouns in their songs

If Jimmy Somerville had one of the most powerful pop voices of the 1980s, then his words carried even more of an impact. As frontman of synth-pop bands Bronski Beat and the Communards, Somerville's soprano tones were unmistakable. But almost more than his musical talent, it was his political zeal that made him stand out from the crowd.

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