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The Trip superfans who follow Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon around Europe

There comes a tipping point in every series of that sends viewers straight to Google in search of one of the restaurants. Perhaps it's the one with the backdrop of the sun-kissed Amalfi coast, or the meal that finally elicits an incredulous response from Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon, who play fictionalised versions of themselves in the show.

The gonzo chefs who are TV's ultimate pleasure-seekers

It's 10am and the chef Keith Floyd is getting sloshed, again. Perched on a hay cart on the side of a Provençal road with a Frenchman called Christian, he's extolling the virtues of a "Vermeer painting" of a spread: home-cured ham, tomatoes, truffles, pork terrine and a platter of cheese.

Recipes at Sainsbury's
It's time for Japanese soul food | Sainsbury's

We chat to Nanban chef Tim Anderson about giving some love to ramen, dumplings and fried chicken We've been chowing down the dirty food trend of deep-fried high-quality meat, smothered in processed cheese and smoky sauces for aaages now and, while it's hard to imagine life without gourmet burgers, pulled pork and hot dogs - guys, we need to move on to something else.
Smithfield meat market traders lament loss of history amid plans to move

It's 3am and the workers at Smithfield market are hauling in back-breaking deliveries of meat straight from the abattoirs, hanging them on hooks and taking them to one of 42 traders' shops, or piling up boxes of pre-cut joints on to trolleys. "It's all changed here," says an old fellow dressed in all-white overalls, surveying the scene.

the Guardian
Is that ... Mark Rylance? The rise of A-list stars voicing children's TV

"This is a great place to relax," a familiar, deep voice coos out from the screen. "Enjoy the calm feeling as you make patterns in the sand ... that looks splendid!" If anyone's dulcet tones has the power to soothe the public (and a legion of housebound hyperactive three-year-olds), it's Stephen Fry.

the Guardian
Eat to the beat: a music insider's guide to dining out in Tokyo

'm in Tokyo at the end of one of the music scene's biggest months for international gigs. Artists such as Tom Tom Club, Carl Craig and Gerd Janson have come here to perform for the Red Bull Music Academy. Elsewhere, Seth Troxler is playing at super-club Womb while Wild Beasts are lined up to play the Hostess Weekender festival.
Sandwich experts pass judgement on "disgusting" Love Island sandwich

It's finally happened: somebody has created a sandwich worse that the attempt at the snack at Fyre Festival; and that person is Tommy Fury from Love Island . On Wednesday night's episode of the ITV show, boxer Tommy was tasked with making a starter to impress the new arrival, Maura Higgins, on a date.

the Guardian
Rude Latin, panic and sexual tension: the art of the TV soundtrack

Right in the middle of the unholiest hook-up ever to hit television; a divine choir sang out. The culmination of the love story in Fleabag series two was not met with the familiar heavy metal riff. Instead, there was haunting choral chanting, which graduated from young boys' voices to adults during the series.

easyJet Traveller
Where The Wildlings Are

The English region of East Anglia is home to Wild Man Will Lord, an expert in ancient survival skills. He gives Laura Martin a taste of the prehistoric

The Independent
Jimmy Somerville wants more gay pop stars to use same-sex pronouns in their songs

If Jimmy Somerville had one of the most powerful pop voices of the 1980s, then his words carried even more of an impact. As frontman of synth-pop bands Bronski Beat and the Communards, Somerville's soprano tones were unmistakable. But almost more than his musical talent, it was his political zeal that made him stand out from the crowd.

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