Laura Duckett

Freelance content writer and journalist

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I've worked in London for two years writing blog, newsletter and web content for a popular travel website, and at the same time I wrote various freelance articles for a regional newspaper and a website dedicated to all things London.

I moved to Spain at the beginning of the year to work at an English language newspaper in Andalucia and have written for both print and online editions.

Picasso's Guernica revisited: The Malagueno artist's perplexing masterpiece

Stark black and white photographs plastered over the front pages of L'Humanité and other French newspapers were the first visual representations he saw of the bloodshed and devastation. Those images became his inspiration for one of the world's most iconic paintings, a universal howl against the atrocities of war which brought 3.6 million visitors to its Madrid home at the Reina Sofia Museum last year.

How Brick Lane Got Its Name

Laura Duckett How Brick Lane Got Its Name Brick Lane has always existed - although not always with that name - on London's fringes, both literally and metaphorically, despite its close proximity to the city's centre. So how did it get its name?

7 Places In London We'd Like To See A Crazy Golf Course

Laura Duckett 7 Places In London We'd Like To See A Crazy Golf Course A junkyard, a rooftop, a tunnel underneath a railway station; just some of the more unusual venues where crazy golf courses have sprung up in recent months in London.

Amazing Real Places Used as Inspiration for Fictional Ones

We've always admired a writer's ability to create fictional universes the likes of which no one else could have ever conceived (or would want to in some cases!) But most of the time, they wouldn't have been able to do so without some help along the way.

South West Londoner
Review: Don't Turn the Lights on at Clapham's Bread & Roses Theatre gives feeling of being...

Teen angst, identity trouble and breaking the fourth wall - Don't Turn the Lights on takes on the challenge at the Bread and Roses Theatre. Theatre Counterpoint's Don't Turn the Lights, a tale of teenage angst which borrows its structure from Bach's fugue, translates the complicated musical form into a playful yet poignant piece of theatre.

Costa Rica - All Inclusive vs Self-Planned Trips

I'm a member of a certain breed of travellers who look forward to organising each and every aspect of their trip fervently. We are the ones who scramble to the nearest bookshop to pick up guide books, print off complicated public transport maps in foreign languages and compile a detailed accommodation itinerary - varying in types, from hostels to five-star hotels.

Our Guide to the Sydney that Never Sleeps

From anachronistic karaoke bars to equine drinking holes, Sydney 's nightlife is prolific, so we've combed through some of the options on offer to give you a brief introduction. Get ready to hit the town in one of Australia's most bubbly cities.

Independent Shops 'Being Forced Out' Of Covent Garden

Laura Duckett Independent Shops 'Being Forced Out' Of Covent Garden Covent Garden market has for decades topped the list of must-see attractions for many who visit London. But it's a far cry from the quirky place it was set out to be. The former fruit and vegetable market reopened in the 1980s as a tourist attraction.